If you are tired of hotels, a bed and breakfast might be the right answer for you. Sometimes, hotels can be too large and not personal. Sometimes, you want a friendly touch where you feel like you are at home and enjoy ‘bedandbreakfast’. Most hotels are owned by corporations so it is hard for them to have a friendly vibe to their customers. One of our favorite Bed and Breakfasts are the Homestead Inn in Greenwich, Connecticut. This quaint little inn is located in a Victorian house. The owners are Thomas Henkelmann and his wife, Theresa.

At Homestead Inn – Thomas Henkelmann, a luxury hotel and New York Times 4 star restaurant, a design thread runs throughout, inspired by the dramatic use of color. Brave and bold, it effortlessly blends the old world with the new. Contemporary artist’s paintings, forged iron, and bronze sculpture are reminiscent of Garouste and Bonetti.

A bed and breakfast (typically shortened to B&B) is a small lodging establishment that offers overnight accommodation and breakfast. Bed and breakfasts are often private family homes and typically have between four and eleven rooms, with six being the average.Bed and breakfast are also used to describe the level of catering included in a hotel’s room prices, as opposed to a room only, half-board or full-board.

Reasons to stay at a bed and breakfast. - bedandbreakfast

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