Many people visit more than one rehabilitation center before they decide on one to use for treatment. There are some common centers, a well as luxury treatment facilities. When you are spending the money to travel to another country for special treatment, many people choose the most luxurious clinic available. Overcoming addiction is hard work. A luxury spa environment can take some of the stress away from the experience. When you are preparing to travel for your luxury addiction treatment, you may be curious about what you are going to experience.


When you are ready to attend a treatment session out of the country, your travel arrangements may include a long airplane ride. When traveling through the United States to an ibogaine center in Mexico, you may only fly to the border and then meet with a member of the clinic staff to cross the border by car. Plan by securing your passport. This can take several weeks, so be sure to start early. Express passports can often be done; however, they are very expensive. If you are in poor health due to severe addiction, you may need someone to travel with you. If part of your journey involves riding with a staff member or local transportation service, be sure to confirm their identity and credentials with the clinic you are visiting. This is an important safety precaution.

Holistic Treatments

A luxury treatment clinic is likely to have several holistic treatment options available. This gives you the option to try different things and see what works for you. This can help you determine what resources to use when you return home and need to continue care as an outpatient. You can expect to find things like a gym, acupuncture, and nutritional counseling. A luxury treatment clinic takes a comprehensive healthcare approach.

Ibogaine treatment is also a common treatment to find at a luxury clinic. This alkaloid is present in the iboga plant from Central Africa. It is used to treat withdrawal symptoms and to help with opening the mind to find out the cause of the addiction. This experience might be different for everyone.  Therapists use these discoveries to tailor counseling sessions to the individual’s needs. There is some degree of debate over whether or not Ibogaine is a drug.  It is known to be used as both a stimulant and a hallucinogen native lands and other cultures.

A Relaxing Environment

A luxury treatment center looks more like a spa than an addiction clinic. The idea is to make each patient feel special and relaxed. It takes a lot of courage to commit to treatment for addiction. When patients are pampered, they feel important and cared for. This time away can help with some much-needed self-care and give addicts a break from their daily interactions with dangerous people. This is important as individuals who have trouble managing the long term side effects of taking xanax, one drug, for example, may be struggling a lot more in too clinical-looking environments. Some centers may offer trips to the beach, traditional spa treatments, and meditation. Art therapy, aromatherapy, and yoga may also be available.

Luxury treatment centers offer a spa-like feel while also leading individuals away from drugs. They encouraged to relax while getting better. This environment is excellent for healing. Be sure to check the safety of your travel arrangements and prepare ahead of time for passports. A holistic and luxury treatment center is geared toward treating patients like guests.


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