Renowned for its grandeur collection of automobiles, Bugatti has decided to try its hand at something new by releasing its own luxury sports yacht. In collaboration with Palmer & Johnson, the company praises the Bugatti Niniette 66 as “a fearless vision of the future of sports yachts.” Palmer & Johnson, the world’s largest motor yacht builder, announced the Bugatti Niniette as the first in a series of yachts with Bugatti.

Although the Bugatti Niniette is a first in its own right, many may be surprised to learn that Bugatti already has a brief history of boat construction. In 1930 founder Ettore Bugatti created a custom speedboat for Prince Carlo Ruspoldi, which he later named the Niniette.

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Eyes will immediately notice the impressively smooth design of the yacht that ditches the bulky appearance many watercrafts are often plagued with. The entirety of its hull is made of carbon composite. The makers succeeded in constructing a yacht simple in its blueprint, but rich and elaborate in its features. In fact, the Bugatti Niniette’s appearance is so sleek, one may miss the spa and firepit that resides on deck. The unique design of the Bugatti Chiron served as the foundational inspiration for the similar look shared with the Niniette. Both vehicles possess the unmistakable and distinctive curve and color patterns. Buyers can purchase the duo-tone model featured on the company’s website or choose a mono-toned model which comes in five varying shades.

Although the Niniette is basked in luxury and sophistication, it still manages to deliver comfort and warmth throughout its interior furnishing. The designers have crafted this luxury sporting yacht with a combination of high-end materials including leather, nubuck, and carbon. Complete with a sofa that literally wraps around the curves of its private suite, galley kitchen and an overall futuristic aura, the interior features of the Niniette leave nothing behind, seamlessly combining elegance with functionality.

Among its many perks, Bugatti’s latest addition comes equipped with a spa to soothe its passengers and a firepit to warm them up afterward. The stylish deck invites guests to indulge in the ultimate yachting experience with its champagne bar and jacuzzi. When you have it all, it becomes hard not to justify having a little bit more.


The sports yacht measures 20 meters in length with an overall beam at 6.5 meters. Its speed reaches up to a substantial 44 knots and comfortably houses two guests with enough room for one added crew member. Starting at $2.2 million, this high-class watercraft can belong to all those who are bold enough to pay the price.

For more information, visit the Bugatti Niniette website here.

Images courtesy of Bugatti.

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