If you have never modified your vehicle and you are missing out on a whole world of amazing potential. The right set of modifications can change the way that your car drives entirely elevating it to a whole new level of fun. 

A Set of Performance Aftermarket Tires


The tires of your car that should be touching the ground and as a result, are perhaps the most important part of the care that impacts what it feels like to drive. Upgrading your stock tires to something that is a little nicer can significantly improve the drivability of your vehicle. This is primarily true if you live in places that have icy roads.


Whether you are looking through the items stocked by Automoda or you are simply trying to learn more about cars, such options must have something for you to learn.


A Limited Slip Differential


Limited slip differentials allow your vehicle to drive power through more than just one tire. Most vehicles only have one tire that is attached to the transmission. This means that whenever you press down on the gas, you are entirely reliant on that one tire to propel you forward. It makes no sense to increase the horsepower of your car if you are not even making use of the horsepower that it already has.


Aftermarket Performance Brake Pads


Upgrading your brakes is one of the easiest ways to make your car feel more responsive whenever you are driving. The brakes that are normally installed in a car are fine for regular driving, but a set of performance brakes will allow you to stop on a dime. This kind of control can give you the confidence you need to take full advantage of your vehicle’s power.


Quick Ratio Steering Rack


This is a great modification as long as it is compatible with your car. They do not work in every vehicle but in the ones that they do work for its great for improving your car’s handling. The way that these are designed makes it so that the further you turn the steering wheel, the more the wheels turn for each unit of the distance you have moved the steering wheel. This is a swift way to make your car feel like it is a sports model vehicle.


Aftermarket Suspension System


Perhaps more than any other part of your vehicle the suspension system will affect the way that it feels for you and your passengers as you are driving. If you want to feel like every road is as smooth as butter, then upgrading the suspension system is the only way to accomplish that. If you have an older vehicle than the chances are that at the very minimum the bushings of your current’s pension system have been worn out. 


Replacing these parts can help to make a suspension system feel like it is almost brand-new again. On top of that, bushings are relatively inexpensive to replace if you cannot afford an entirely new suspension system.


Fluid Mods


This is a modification that can help improve the fuel economy of your car. You can install engine modifications that allow your car to use lower viscosity fluids such as engine oil. The lower the viscosity of the fluids that are moving through your engine, the less resistance the point counter as it is working. 


This will directly translate to an improvement in your fuel economy. If you want to make driving your car as economical as possible, this is one way to do it. If you are looking for more of a performance enhancer, other modifications may be better suited for you.


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