Everyone knows that How BTC jumped higher in just a few months. Now everyone interested to invest in BTC and wants to gain profit. So, before investing, you should know every detail of BTC. That’s why we brought a one-stop-shop “Crypto links”. Where You can know every possible detail of bitcoin, for example, you will know best cryptocurrency exchange sites, cryptocurrency news, cryptocurrency wallets, crypto margin trading etc.


Cryptolinks is classified according to the crypto niche to which they belong. And we have organically analyzed a wide range of crypto niches to make sure our reviews fit the diverse ecosystem that makes up the crypto community. Here, beginners, developers, crypto professionals, traders, and other crypto participants can access succinct content related to their chosen crypto industry.


Why Do You Need Crypto Links?


Cryptocurrency, along with its underlying technology, is a budding innovation with a wealth of technical details often overlooked by experts, let alone new entrants. The same goes for the developing economy that drives the cryptocurrency market. While many early adopters relied on trial and error to choose the best of the few crypto solutions available at the time, the current state of the crypto space has transcended this practice.


There is nothing more frustrating than having to choose from many encryption services without the proper resources to help make informed decisions. Crypto links are aware of this and have done our best to create a unique and free website where you can access in-depth content about the best cryptocurrency websites, products or services.


How to Start Trading Bitcoins on Cryptocurrency Exchanges?


Cryptocurrency trading is a skill that must be continuously cultivated, especially if you plan to earn in the long term. While this is a fact, we have incorporated several crypto review categories covering topics related to crypto trading. Here you can get an overview of the best cryptocurrency exchange websites available today. You can take advantage of our extensive research on cryptocurrency analysis tools, especially those that allow users to create or access the best cryptocurrency charts. Remember that you can also embed altcoins in your crypto wallet. Therefore, we have included a review section that lists the best altcoin exchanges.


Also, there are different ways to participate in the nascent crypto market. Depending on your experience and the cryptocurrency trading websites available in your jurisdiction, you can opt for a wide variety of trading styles. As such, we have explored a wide range of options, including spot trading, crypto margin trading, peer-to-peer trading, and CFD trading. Throughout these review sections, we explain the technical details that define these trading styles, highlight important information that should help new entrants understand them and list exchanges that provide everyone’s trading infrastructure.


How Do We Collected Quality Site?


We will go over the strengths and weaknesses of CryptocurrencyExchanges Sites and how they stack up against other high-performing sites on our cryptocurrency listings. With all these features and more, you can be sure that your desired encryption research and analysis can be done and linked in record time and free of charge.


Here are some of the criteria we almost always use to judge the competition and viability of crypto tools and websites:


  • Friendly user interface and design
  • Crypto fees
  • Crypto ads
  • Reputation
  • Innovation
  • Security
  • Customer support

What is a Cryptocurrency Exchange?


Like its traditional counterpart, an exchange platform offers its users a way to exchange assets. However, in this case, the assets in question are digital currencies. In addition to this basic functionality, exchanges are beginning to capitalize on their growing influence in the crypto space to take on more responsibilities. This claim is evident in the explosion of Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs), which are increasingly being embraced by start-ups. Here, an exchange is using its platform as a launching pad for start-up offers for a portion of the funds raised through the crowd-sourcing campaign.


How Can You Differentiate Between the Types of Crypto Exchanges? 


While all cryptocurrency exchanges perform the same tasks, albeit, in a slightly different way, it is imperative to know the differentiators that separate these entities and how they should appear in your research. These factors include:


  • The Governance Model of The Crypto Exchange
  • Type of Exchanges the Platform Enables
  • Is the Exchange Legal in Your Location
  • How Efficient Is the Exchange’s Customer Relation?
  • Does the Exchange Offer Premium User Experience?
  • Does It Support Advanced Trading?
  • Does It Facilitate Trading Volume and High Liquidity?
  • Is the Exchange Decentralized or Centralized?
  • Is the Exchange Incorporating Derivative Trades


These are the factor through which you can differentiate types of crypto exchange that available in the market.


We’ve prepared a list of the best websites to find Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges & Bitcoin Exchanges.


  • Binance
  • Coinbase
  • Poloniex
  • Bitstamp
  • KuCoin




Binance is the most popular cryptocurrency exchange. Binance currently supports a wide variety of cryptocurrency trading and plans to support fiat currency trading in the future. They have their native token, BNB, that merchants can use to get a 50% fee reduction. The exchange launched in 2017 and has grown rapidly to become the largest exchange in the world. The development of the exchange was financed through an ICO where BNB was the token. The exchange is available in multiple languages.


There are no deposit fees on Binance. The standard trading fee is 0.1%. However, if a user has BNB, they will benefit from lower costs. They will decrease half in the primary year, 25% in the subsequent year, 12.5% in the third year, 6.75% in the fourth year, and no decrease in the most recent year. The crypto trading pairs available on the exchange include trading with Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, and USDT. The exchange currently has more than 150 cryptocurrencies that can be exchanged for Bitcoin. Users can enable two-factor authentication on their accounts for an additional level of security.


In terms of safety, all the problems encountered were resolved efficiently and quickly by the team. There were some problems with the accounts, but no users were hacked.




Coinbase is one of the popular first stops for newbies when they make their first cryptocurrency purchase. The name of the company has almost become synonymous with cryptocurrency. It was one of the first brokers and exchanges that allowed users to buy cryptocurrencies. The company was founded in 2012 and now offers a number of different solutions, including advanced trading, escrow solutions, and institutional services.


The exchange is one of the easiest to use and intuitive to use. The exchange also has a storage solution that allows users to easily store their cryptocurrencies after their initial purchase. Coinbase is exceptionally specific about the assets it has a lot a structure that they intently follow in their selection. With the wide variety of payment methods on offer, Coinbase charges hefty fees for buying and selling cryptocurrencies that vary by method. In Coinbase Pro there are no market maker fees with market maker fees ranging from 0.1% to 0.3%


Coinbase allows users to buy and store Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin with several different payment methods. Clients can fund their accounts with bank transfers, charge cards, or other installment techniques. Coinbase Pro is also available for more advanced traders, where users can benefit from lower fees and will also have access to an order book, a depth chart, and a printout of recent trades.




Poloniex is a major exchange in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, but it is not the ideal choice for newbies. Usually, more experienced cryptocurrency users will give this exchange a try due to its lending feature and a wide variety of cryptocurrencies. Users can also enable two-factor authentication to add an additional layer of security to the account.


Poloniex is a crypto-crypto exchange that has been established since 2014. It is one of the most difficult exchanges to use and was acquired by payment processor Circle in February 2018. The exchange offers a wide variety of trading options. There are currently more than 170 cryptocurrencies available to be exchanged for Bitcoin. Poloniex also offers exchanges for Monaro and USD Tether.


It is one of the only exchanges that offer exchanges for Monaro. Margin trading is also available to traders. The funds for margin traders are provided by other users of the platform who can lend their funds for a small return. The clever look is one of the features that made this exchange popular. Loans typically last two days, but when annualized, some loans have had high double-digit returns. There are also many bot services that automatically renew loan offers for attractive rates.


The exchange is based in the United States and has a 0.25% fee on transactions. There are no deposit or withdrawal fees charged by Poloniex, but withdrawals are subject to typical blockchain mining fees. Later on, Circle intends to make fiat exchanging accessible on Poloniex.




Bitstamp is a digital asset exchange platform involved in 5 cryptocurrencies; Bitcoins (BTC), LiteCoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), and XRP (Ripple). The site trades cryptocurrencies at their value in real-time. However, these values are updated as soon as there are changes in the market.


It also shows the value of the coin in a graph during the year on its home page. This graph or chart of the value of the coin shows the fluctuations in the market and the time when a coin was or is still relevant in the market.


Bitstamp believes in setting a standard that all other cryptocurrency exchanges can learn from. They go out of their way to meet the basic needs of clients, that is, trade, buy and sell digital assets. Also, there are no hidden costs with Bitstamp; they guarantee a fair and transparent price based on volume.


Bitstamp allows you to trade stress-free instantly, they ensure that all credit cards are acceptable, and you no longer have to worry about making deposits. The digital assets and funds in your account are safe and secure because they are protected by multi-factor authentication.


Also, the funds are stored in a cold wallet, that is, they are stored offline; therefore, transparent and secure. Security concerns are not a big deal for Bitstamp and its site.




Kucoin is an exchange that was established in 2017. Kucoin was launched in 2017 and the development of the exchange was funded through an ICO. The exchange’s native token is Kucoin Shares, KCS. KCS holders benefit from low trading fees and receive a share of all coin trading fees. The exchange supports a wide variety of cryptocurrencies. There are currently more than 180 cryptocurrencies that can be exchanged for Bitcoin. The currencies can also be exchanged for ETH, NEO, KCS, and USDT. There is no support for fiat currency.


The standard trading fee is 0.1%. The discount for those who own KCS tokens is minimal. For every 1000 tokens held, there is a 1% reduction with a maximum reduction of 30%. Since tokens are typically priced above 1%, users would need to have more than $ 30,000 worth of tokens to qualify for the 30% discount on trading fees. This is a much worse offer than Binance tokens, where all holders get deep discounts. There is no deposit fee. Withdrawal fees vary and can be high.

Users can configure two-factor authentication for an additional layer of security. Overall, Kucoin is a completely new exchange with similar functionality to Binance. There have been some complaints about the KCS token and the high withdrawal fees.

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