Know about Dallas brunch spots or Brunching (v.): 1. combining breakfast and lunch at a neutral hour amongst family, friends and loved ones. 2. the latest trend amongst millennials, and well, almost everyone, acting as a pastime for lazy weekends. 3. Brunch spots like mimosas, waffles, you, me, Sunday at eleven-thirty.

In a century where food is the equivalent to love, brunching is its verb. Dallas has yet to disappoint in this department. Whether you’re grabbing mimosas and waffles with the girls, enjoying a flavorful omelet with the family, or getting coffee and carrot cake on a blind date, brunch has become the time of day to do it. With numerous options at the palm of your hand, here are the top five Dallas: brunch spots


DALLAS BRUNCH SPOTSFirst on our list, Breadwinner’s, with an old-feel-at-home look, there’s nothing better than enjoying a Bloody Mary on a wooden patio or a Mexican hot chocolate by a warm fireplace. Inviting every diner in with their house-made bread, pies, and pastries to start, the menu is filled with your usual brunch items ranging from waffles to skillets to fruit and granola. Crowd favorites are sure to please with a spicy Jalapeño Bacon and Cheddar Waffle that is sure to impress, but if you aren’t one for a spicy kick you can enjoy the McKinney Avenue scramble made with chicken apple sausage, jack cheese, onion, and broccoli. Nothing satisfies a meal more at Breadwinners than the assortment of delicious, freshly-baked pies, pastries and cakes they make daily. With six different locations, each uniquely designed, there’s always a comfortable spot to enjoy your time.

Jonathon’s Oakcliff

DALLAS BRUNCH SPOTSNothing says “what’s cookin’ good lookin’?” more than Jonathon’s, located on the outskirts of Dallas brunch spots in a suburb named Oakcliff. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a home-cooked Southern meal on a sunny day. It feels like your neighborhood diner: friendly, simple and homey. Dallas Brunch spots -goer can enjoy Chicken Fried Steak and Eggs with Brunch Potatoes or a Peanut Butter Jelly Time Waffle served with peanut butter fluff, berry preserves and topped with whipped cream. Can you say “sweet tooth”?

The Social House

DALLAS BRUNCH SPOTSIt’s exactly what it sounds like. A place to socialize. But, with food. I mean, does it get any better? Yes. Yes, it does. The Social House is notorious for their Chicken and Waffles, consisting of Tabasco butter smearing a Belgian waffle topped with jalapeño gravy on the chicken and an added drizzle of maple syrup. If you think that sounds delicious, let me tell you about another favorite — the Steak Benedict. A 4 oz. filet with a poached egg in an English muffin, topped with a Hollandaise sauce. Should I call the waiter over? You seem like you’re ready to order. Diners can enjoy their brunch at multiple locations throughout Dallas at the bar, inside at a table surrounded with TVs, or even on the patio.


DALLAS BRUNCH SPOTSNo, before you ask, you do not need to be an “odd fellow” to eat at Oldfellows. Really, you just need to love food in Dallas brunch spots. The restaurant is located in the Bishop Arts District amongst shops and local coffee bars. With outdoor bar seating and picnic tables, you can start your morning off right with a good ole cup of hand-crafted joe. The menu offers a wide-variety of hipster-like meals varying from Red Velvet pancakes (yum!) to a Fried Green Tomato BLT to a Burrata and Prosciutto Sammie, all crafted by Chef Anastacia Quinones. If you’d like something to drink, enjoy a Rosé slush, or Frosé. Or if you don’t think it’s 5 o’clock somewhere when it’s time for brunch, you can enjoy freshly-squeezed orange juice and grapefruit juice.  Did I mention the bartenders wear suspenders? You almost feel like you’re back in the 1920s.

Toulouse Cafe and Bar

If you woke up on a Sunday feeling like you need to get away, please make your way to Toulouse Cafe and Bar. With an authentic, Parisian feel, you almost forget that you’re in Dallas…let alone America. The staff greets you with a friendly ‘Bonjour’ and leads you to your table. Ladies, they pull the chair out for you and place the napkin across your legs. Chivalry is not dead. While their menu is limited for brunch, they offer your American favorites with a French flair. Between Steak and Eggs Frites or an Orange French Toast topped with fresh berries and mascarpone cheese, it’s hard to pick just one. Maybe consider the Egg Florentine consisting of poached eggs, tomato slices with a lump of crab meat housed in an English muffin with a side of Béarnaise Sauce. But, if you prefer to eat light, order a shot of espresso with a side of New Orleans Beignets topped with Cappuccino Sauce to enjoy on their street-style patio. Dare I say it has a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’?

Written by DLX contributor, Noelle Jabal.

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