A big city is the city of the successful, but the lonely. They say it is almost impossible to meet great love and build relationships in a big city. They say that it is easier to live alone than to find, for example, the right San Diego singles for dating. Is it worth believing?

Actually, yes.

Urban jungle creates all conditions for self-realization, and, at the same time, it’s a stumbling block for building social networks and finding love. This article will explain what is what and how to make dating in a big city resultful.

Why does dating in big cities suck?

  1. Focus on career

Big cities open up great career prospects and great competition alongside. People work too hard, spend all their time working or thinking about work. Stuffed schedule, focus on work, desire to realize own ambitions lead to placing career first of all.  

  1. Too many “dating options”

Let’s take the San Diego singles scene as an example. There are around 1.5 million people (excluding tourists and the illegals.) That means there are thousands of potential partners. Finding an ideal match becomes challenging.

  1. Common interests issue

There are thousands of hobbies you can find in a big city. People are fond of different stuff – yoga and moto run, drawing and poker. It’s hard to find someone with more or less common interests to build your relationship not only on physical attraction. 

  1. People are into themselves

Life is hard, and big cities are exhausting. That’s why people create personal space bubbles around – their own comfort zone, safe space. People are fixated on their own inner world and comfort. From the psychological point of view, it’s hard to let people into your life. 

Interesting fact: Salt Lake City and Orlando dating scenes are considered the best because of the number of places for dating, the percentage of singles, and online-dating opportunities. Curious, huh?

Is there any solution?

As a rule, people from big cities have 3 options to start a relationship: through common friends, through a common hobby, and online dating apps:

  • Friends are always people who share your interests and way of life. Friends of friends can become a great match. Ask your mates to introduce you to a great single person
  • Make use of your hobbies to get acquainted with a person who you would feel comfortable and not bored with. It can be a center you both visit or a platform/forum you both use to discuss your favorite leisure activity.
  • Online dating apps and websites are considered the number one solution for city guys. A well-developed dating app allows users to find the right person with common interests and goals. There are loads of Phoenix, Nashville, New York, and Orlando dating websites to meet locals – you will find one for your city. 


Relationships are always a challenge. And the hardest part of it is to start them. Starting them in huge cities is double trouble.

But finding love is possible even in the craziest metropolis if you act wisely: do not rely on nightclubs and bars, rely on your friends, interests, and especially online dating websites.  

Yes, digitalization has its perks – you can find a perfect match in a couple of clicks and swipes. Make the most of the time you live in.

Pic: https://unsplash.com/photos/VIhBOwitqu8 

Description: Check out the reasons why dating sucks and why Orlando dating scene is the best. Get 3 dating tips.

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