Excellent coffee is a quintessential part of each country’s culture. It is so much more than a beverage that gives you an energy boost to start your day. Plus, you can choose from an extensive variety of coffee assortments, which compete in aroma and flavor.

Of course, coffee is a subjective matter, and you may or may not agree with us.

So, here is our top-5 list of most amazing coffees from around the world.


Our list begins with the traditional Italian espresso. The path to espresso mastery is an engrossing experience for every coffee lover. We could say that navigating the complexity of this strong beverage combines technical endeavor and art.

Espresso coffee is naturally obtained by mixing several roasts and varietals. The objective is to obtain a bold, yet not bitter flavor. It should also be smooth, meaning that you could undeniably enjoy this beverage without adding milk and little or no sugar.

In short, an espresso is a beverage in which a sweet sensation and a heavy body are excellently interwoven. These should predominate over the acidic and bitter tones. You could use the traditional Italian cafeteria, the French press, or a typical home espresso machine for preparing the perfect espresso.

Flat White/Australia  

The flat white is known to originate in Australia. Many people confuse it with the latte. Nonetheless, a flat white is entirely different from a latte. A flat white encompasses a double shot of espresso and velvety, micro-foamed milk. The main characteristic is the smooth, sleek texture.

The key to obtaining that is the way in which the micro-foam is prepared and poured. That’s why a flat white is made using full-fat milk since it creates a thick and dense feel. This luxurious micro-foam offers the beverage a creamy taste, perfectly complementing the flavor of the espresso, without minimizing it.

KAAPI/Southern India

Hailing from southern India comes the drink ,KAAPI, or, filtered coffee. The method used is called decoction. The bark, roots, stems and rhizomes are boiled in order to extract chemical substances and the oils. This method is entirely distinct from percolation or infusion.

Indian filter coffee embodies frothed milk and the decoction of finely ground coffee powder. Normally, KAAPI is served in a stainless steel tumbler that is meant to cool the coffee.


Morocco features a thriving coffee culture. You will find countless cafes perfectly aligned, facing the street, where you can enjoy the diversity of Moroccan beverages. Nous-nous is the Arabic for half-half, meaning that it consists of half hot milk and half hot coffee.

The locals usually add sugar to the beverage. What does it taste like? It resembles the flavor of a piccolo latte. It is served in a small glass, and it features a pregnant, strong aroma that coffee lovers adore.


Café Con Leche/Colombia

Café Con Leche is a beloved beverage in Columbia, one of the most notable coffee-growing nations. The locals wake up with Café Con Leche, they serve it during the day and they even drink it in the evening. This beverage is perfect all on its own. It is naturally served with equals parts of milk and espresso. When you order this drink, the waiter might ask whether you want the milk cold or hot.

So, what makes it one of the best coffee in the world? The rich and strong, yet not bitter flavor, diluted with enough milk that perfectly complements the taste. In short, it is a substantial beverage that is the ideal breakfast companion.



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