In case you are a regular stock market trader, you know that it is always about getting the timing right. With the volatility in the market, any opportunity you spot can be wiped out within seconds, making it hard for people who are traveling and those working on limited terminals to trade. In such cases, mobile phones are the most immediate solutions given that there are now available smartphone-based trading platforms. So, if you plan to fund your luxury lifestyle with stock trading, it is necessary to research on the different ways you can make extra money. What are some of the trading platforms you can join using your smartphone?

Fundamental Trading

This is the kind of trading where, as an investor, you focus on the events of a company and determine the kind of stock to invest in. It is closely linked to the buy-and-hold investment strategy. By following the financial markets, it is easy to identify the most undervalued companies and buy strong stocks. When a fundamental trader correctly identifies the position of stocks in the current market and the price movement that are likely to occur, there is always a great chance to execute successful trades and gain short-term profits.

Swing Trading

Swing trading involves holding positions for more than a day. It falls between trend and day trading. In day trading, a trader can only hold stocks between one second and several hours, not more than a day. A trend trader, on the other hand, examines the long-term trends and can hold the stock for several weeks or even months. A swing trader cannot exceed two weeks holding a stock. The first task that a day trader has is to catch up on the latest market trends, with the quickest way being reputable sources such as CMC markets. With this category, you also have enough time to study a company before trading. Since you are not required to spend most of your time monitoring the market, it is a great strategy when you want to get into the stock market without turning it into a full-time activity. The study of reports can be made as you commute or have a lunch break.

Day Trading

Day trading is the buying and selling of securities within a single day. It can occur in any market setup but is common in stocks and forex. Embracing day trading means you are ready to use high amounts of leverage on a short-term basis to capitalize on price movements. With the high risk involved with day trading, you will require access to multiple news sources to identify the right opportunities to capitalize on and analytical software to monitor the trading patterns of the day. These steps ensure you do not lose money.

Intra-day Trading

This refers to the opening and closing of a position in a security in the same day of trading. As an intra-day trader, you capitalize on the small moves of trade by borrowing money. Being a highly risky platform, you must carefully follow the trends to ensure you make good profits by the time you are exiting the position. As a trader, you get to participate in a rapidly changing market and improve your profit opportunities. When approached correctly, intra-day trading is a great avenue for extraordinary ROI.

Futures Trading

The amount you will make in future trading will be dependent on the market environment. When prices are promising during volatile times, you have a greater potential of making good returns and vice versa. Also, performance varies by trade and can be affected by the reward or the risk of each trade. You can trade without the help of an advisor, but that could involve a lot of risks since you manage your funds, order trades, maintain margins, research and form your own analysis of how you predict the market to move. If you feel that futures trading is for you, it is necessary to have a deep understanding of the stock market. It is also vital to familiarize yourself with the four types of futures, including speculators, spreaders, hedgers, and arbitrageurs.

Stock trading is a recent phenomenon that is accessible on mobile phones by the technology of communication networks. Whichever type of trading you choose, the stock market can be highly profitable when approached properly.


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