CES 2017 marked the 50th anniversary of the largest global gathering of innovation and connectivity. CES introduces ground-breaking products, providing opportunities for companies in every major global industry to conduct business. Everything from; 5G, cars, clothes, content, health care, sports, travel, smart cities, AR, VR, robotics, AI and more was debuted during this year’s show.

Aisha Tyler at this year’s event. Photo courtesy CES Press.

More than 3,800 companies exhibit at the event, which covers more than  2.6 million square feet. Over 175,000 industry professionals, including 55,000 from outside the U.S., converged to drive the ever-evolving global technology industry forward. “CES 2017 shifted to a new level as large and small companies from around the globe gathered to reveal solutions for many of our world’s most challenging problems,” said Gary Shapiro, President and CEO of Consumer Technology Association (CTA). “Our industry is bettering the world through connectivity and innovation, touching literally every facet of our lives. Today’s connected world was on full display this week at CES 2017 – our largest, boldest show in history. “From startups to established businesses, traditional tech companies, along with those in new industries like travel and sports, came together and vigorously embraced technology for the 50th anniversary of the event,” said Karen Chupka, senior vice president, and corporate business strategy, CTA. “This year’s show was all about connectivity – both in the form of the technologies unveiled and in the valuable face-to-face business connections happening throughout the show.”

“CES is the world’s most important technology trade show, but now it is so much more,” said John Penney, chief strategy officer, Starz. “By gathering the world’s great innovators, companies, technologies, products and entrepreneurs in one place, CES is now an integral part of the global innovation system. CES and its attendees are working to build a better future for us all.”  “CES 2017 was a global showcase that demonstrated that we are in a new era of innovation where technology is valued not just for the devices it produces but for the experiences it makes possible,” said Bridget Karlin, managing director, IOT, Intel.

VR Showcased at CES Photo by CES Press.

Nearly every product category, from self-driving cars, smart cities to digital health, could be seen throughout. 5G will revolutionize our connected world, and the entire connected ecosystem came together at CES 2017. “CES 2017 was a coming out party for the future of 5G which we estimate will generate a net 20 million new jobs,” said Dr. Jim Mault, vice president and chief medical officer, Qualcomm Life.

Volkswagen Concept Car.

Volkswagen was in attendance showcasing their new concept car.  Under the slogan “We are always on,” Volkswagen was enabling attendees to experience its vision of tomorrow’s mobility, moving away from the traditional car and consumer relationship, towards a new digital community—one that is intelligently connected mobile. Here are some interesting facts attendees experienced in visiting Volkswagen’s exhibit.

  1. “Connected Community” – In the “Connected Community,” the focus is on the interconnected consumer. Using a unique Volkswagen User-ID, each user is able to configure his or her personal digital preferences, enabling them to easily take them from one Volkswagen to another. No matter which vehicle they enter, their favorite music, screen configurations and optimal seating positions greet them on arrival.
  2. “Intuitive Usability”  – “Intuitive Usability” then provides a preview of future control concepts—from a three-dimensional Digital Cockpit and Eye tracking sensors, which recognizes where the driver is looking inside the vehicle, to an AR Head-up Display, which projects information graphics in virtual form ahead of the vehicle.
  3. “Smart Sustainability” – In the “Smart Sustainability” zone, Volkswagen uses the North American debut of the electric I.D. concept car to demonstrate zero-emissions and autonomous driving in combination with an all-new design style. The I.D. brings together the four Volkswagen fields of innovation: Connected Community, Intuitive Usability, Smart Sustainability and Automated Driving.

LG Exhibit at CES. Photo by CES.

LG TV’s on display. Photo courtesy of CES


CES next year will return to Las Vegas Tuesday, Jan. 9 through Friday, Jan. 12, 2018.


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