Ever drop your phone in the pool while sipping champagne? Don’t worry. You’re not alone.


We’ve all experienced a cell phone debacle at one point or another. We thought It would serve our audience well if we put together a list of preventative solutions to resolve the most common cell phone problems from occurring in the first place. RadioShack’s Fix It Here invited us to get our phones fixed.

Here’s how the phone looked before RadioShack:


Here’s the after:


And we have to say, it was quite the luxurious experience. Their engineer on staff, sat behind an open glass window and fixed our phones in front of us. I had the great pleasure to interview RadioShackā€™s Gene Musser, Director of Fix It Here. Check out his expert adviceĀ on the top problems we face when using mobile phones and how to resolve these issues:


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The next time you drop your phone, remember to checkout RadioShack’sĀ Fix It HereĀ program.

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