Masha Amelina

Masha Amelina

GC: Meet Masha Amelina, PA-C, tell us your story about MesoLyft

MA: MesoLyft was my “a-ha” moment while rolling a micro-needling dermaroller on my face and applying skin lightening serum to get rid of dark spots after pregnancy. “Why can’t it be in one more user-friendly device?” I thought. The second thought was that I’m sure it has already been invented. I was very surprised it wasn’t as it seemed so clever and so easy.
For over a year I searched for a micro-molding plant that could make a tiny roller with microscopic needle-like spikes out of plastic for my device. It took another year to make it and test it on a medical device plant.

I have joined forces with a BioChemist very passionate about clean skincare and created formulas for each area and specific problem of the face: lips, eyes, neck, face, pigmentation, aging.

The last step was to put all the pieces of the puzzle together: assemble airless pumps with my now patented micro-needling applicator and fill them with clean serums, it’s an all-in-one “pump and roll” movement where you both apply skincare and massage for a deeper absorption with tiny needles that are pain-free. Since 2016 there have been new formulas developed and new inventions added (InfraRed Rejuvenating Gloves and Face Mask) and the brand keeps growing.

GC: Tell us more about your newest innovation, MesoLyft Rejuvenating Face Cloth Mask

MA: Thanks to the pandemic masks are here to stay, so why not have fun with them and make them a rejuvenation device? I have already created InfraRed Rejuvenating Gloves (driving, shopping, etc) which won an award for its innovation. Face InfraRed rejuvenating device was the next logical step, but the original idea was the balaclava. I posted myself wearing it on Social Media and asked if people would wear it to rejuvenate their faces. It was a 50/50 yes/no reply, so the mask got a much better response: we already have to wear it and the InfraRed plate is so conspicuous, that nobody will even think you’re in the middle of getting your beauty spa-like treatment while running around town in it. There is a wire that you can attach/detach to connect the mask to a portable rechargeable battery. It activates the InfraRed element inside the mask and it takes only 15 minutes per day to get the benefit. The majority of the users reported an improvement in skin texture improvement, a reduction of inflammation and redness caused by acne and rosacea as early as 10 days. The mask is very affordable, beautifully made, and very easy to use.

GC: What sets your work apart from all of the other skincare brands? What is the unique value of the MesoLyft skincare experience?

MA: The two biggest differences from all other skincare brands are INNOVATION and CONVENIENCE. With MesoLyft Micro-Needling Skincare Line I combined 2 ideas into 1 to make it user-friendly (micro-needling tip attached to an airless pump filled with clean serum). With InfraRed devices, I also made them user-friendly by designing them from soft fabric (vs plastic in other brands) and making the rechargeable battery portable (as opposed to needing to be plugged into a wall while receiving treatment).
Another big difference with other brands is that it is owned and funded just by me so the formulas are very clean and honest (thus very expensive to make!). Often when companies are bought by bigger brands ingredients are swapped for much cheaper and sometimes not natural or good for you. We are also super proud to never test on animals, we are Leaping Bunny Certified!

GC: Where do you see MesoLyft in 5 years?

MA: I imagine MesoLyft skincare collection EVERYWHERE! You will see it at your Med Spa, department beauty stores, online beauty retailers, Sephora, Blue Mercury and Ulta, and all the Duty-Free stores. It will be well known not only in the United States but also in Europe and UAE.

GC: What do you enjoy the most about building your brand?

MA: The most enjoyable to me is the process of creation. From the first thought about an idea, to research and creating a prototype, testing it and getting feedback from people, designing packaging, and finally bringing a beautiful meaningful fun-to-use, and most importantly EFFECTIVE product for people: so much fun!


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