Lexus invited Destination Luxury to an event to experience their latest models including the brand new Lexus LC500 Hybrid at the Andaz Hotel in West Hollywood. At first sight, you might think this is a concept car but it is actually being put into production. The lines are sleek and chic and it literally looks like the car of the future. Starting at $92,000, the all-new vehicle accelerates from 0 to 60 in an impressive 4.7 seconds. The car features 354 total horsepower with a 35 MPG HWY rating.



As part of the Lexus experience, we were treated to an incredible tasting at Boa Steakhouse which included a 40-day dry aged steak. We met Scott Pruett who is a race car driver with Lexus, who is launching a wine in conjunction with the automotive giant.Ā Pruett and Lexus have a history of success both on and off the track. Beyond his on-track feats, Pruett was an integral part of the development and global promotion of both the Lexus LFA supercar and the Lexus IS F performance sedan.

Pruett Wines, the official wine of Lexus.

The next morning we went for a drive to the Mark Levinson Studios in Northridge, California. Mark Levinson systems are tuned for perfection to provide the highest level of accuracy, reliability, and enjoyment. The hallmark of each system is an uncanny ability to reproduce subtleties and nuances so that you get pure musical reproduction, with nothing added or removed from the performance. You donā€™t just hear the sound; you experience the soul of the music in a 360-degree spatial environment.

The quiet room at Mark Levinson Studios.

Ā We were given a behind the scenes tour of how speakers are made and tested. Above is a picture of the quiet room, which is fully covered with foam, including the floor. Once the door is closed, there is absolutely no sound to be heard. It’s actually quite a surreal experience, because this does not happen anywhere naturally. Your mind is confused because it uses background noises for balance and visualization. Levinson engineers told us if you are in this room for too long, you might become disoriented.

Xriss Jor.

Later that evening, we were taken over to Mack Sennett Studios, the oldest studio in Los Angeles. for an exclusive performance by Xriss Jor, a Lebanese singer and artistĀ born andĀ raised in Yahshush, Mont-Liban, Lebanon. In 2012, Jor came in fourth but went on to win the Dubai Music Week in 2013 where she received a management contract with Quincy Jones. SheĀ went on to cover Michael Jackson’s “Care About Us” to comment on the garbage crisis happening in Lebanon, with Jones’sĀ full support of her political statement.Ā Her version of the song not only supports the “You Stink” movement in Lebanon, but also is a commentary on political dysfunction in Lebanon.

Members of the Lexus and Mark Levinson Team with singer Xriss Jor–From Left to Right: Jonathan Pierce, Kyle Roche, Pete Wendy, Xriss Jor, Dawn Geary, Caroline Fratacci, Levi Feeney and Greg Thome.

For more information, visit Lexus.

Candlelight dinner at Sennett Studios.

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