When you want to live it up and enjoy a touch of luxury or just do things a little out of the mainstream, then a visit to Cyprus offers the chance to indulge these desires.

Here are a few quick suggestions on what you can do in Cyprus.

Exploring Limassol for Venetian Architecture & Boutiques

Limassol is a popular location on Cyprus to soak in and walk through history. While there is some degree of modernisation as the walkways now have paving, visitors can walk freely through the old city to take it all in.

The history and mystique are in the air with both Colonial and Venetian buildings found when walking around. Exploring down side streets, there are some delightful little boutiques to find a suitable garment and shops offering unusual wares rather than the usual holiday souvenirs.

A visit in the evening finds many older buildings opening as bars creating a wonderful atmosphere to enjoy a drink or two. For anyone who prefers a city steeped in rich history, Limassol should not be missed.

Luxury Accommodation

Staying in luxury accommodation while in Cyprus is the epitome of living it up. A Cyprus holiday villa gives you privacy from other holidaymakers while still providing easy access to interesting places to visit.

You can find hundreds of villas and apartments to rent whilst spending time in Cyrprus, a good option is finding your property through The Villa Group as they have a huge portfolio so you can definiateely find something in the right location. You will find property in Limassol, Famagusta, Larnaca and Paphos. Enjoy swimming in the pool at your villa and then going out for a night on the town.

Weekly stays are booked ahead, so consider staying in one place like Limassol for a week and then Paphos for a second week to be nearer to attractions in each location.

Adonis Baths

The Adonis Baths in Paphos is said to be where Adonis and his Aphrodite shared their love and had many of their children. It’s understandably popular with Cypriots today.

Below the waterfall there are two areas open for swimming and there’s also mud therapy if that’s your thing. Nature trails down to the sea start nearby too. A photo gallery and a museum are also on the grounds. A motorbike, rental car or a taxi will be needed to get there.

Note: The road to get to the Adonis Baths is somewhat uneven and rocky in places.

Cape Greco National Park

Cape Greco is a national park with forests abound in nature. Numerous nature trails await with several that lead to incredible views over Konnos beach and out to sea. Walking along, you may also stumble on the Agioi Anargyroi church too. Also, some sea caves are accessible by foot when the tide is still out.

There’s a total of nine trails which run from just 1.5kms to over 8kms for the enthusiastic trekkers. The views are worth the extended exercise. For thrills, there’s cliff jumping. And more sedate swimming and snorkelling in the turquoise-coloured waters is possible too.

Once you have the right accommodation set up, then everything else just falls into place. Stay longer so you can relax and truly enjoy yourself.

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