The world is beautiful and exploring it is a privilege for all of us! Wouldn’t it be lovely to visit almost every nook and cranny of the mighty Earth, and satisfy our curiosity as to what nature holds for us there?! Our wanderlust leads us to the never-ending journey of quest – this leads us to various countries around the world. It is almost therapeutic to check the beauties that are stored for us out there.  

The best way to explore these stunning places is by going on a camping trip or a road trip! Most of us, when we plan a trip, simply decide the destination we want to visit next, and book a plane ticket to take us there. After the flight, it’s advisable to check the best car hire at Auckland airport or any other airport you tend to land to begin your explorations. After that, starts the adventure. But this is for the normal kinds of vacations. How about going out of the box?! For many, the best travel memories are made during road trips! The sheer thought makes you feel jittery? Just by following some simple guidelines you can experience some great comfort even while out on the road for a while, navigating to your next exciting adventure . 

  •   Things to check before setting up for a road trip 

A road trip can take days. Hence, preparing well enough before setting off for it is essential. And if you are visiting another country entirely, then you should be twice sure if your amenities are well packed, and whether you have all the legal aspects taken care of, like visa, camping licenses etc. But for now, a basic checklist for a beginner’s road-trip 

o   Mode of transport — The very automobile in which you are setting out for your road trip should be the best suitable one for you. It should also be rented from a trusted agency that offers best, well-maintained transportation within your price point. Most of the time it’s preferred to choose the campervan rental service in Auckland from UGO rentals, for they provide excellent campervans which are equipped well, and updated according to the latest technology and needs of the travellers. You name it, and they have it covered — from better space to equipment like gas stove, Bluetooth connections, full size sleeping arrangements and extra’s to hire  etc. – they have it all with their vans. 

o   Stock up your groceries well — When you go for road trips and camping, you often have to stay for unpredictable days at never-explored-before locations and isolated places too. It’s therefore a necessity to jam up your food stock well. You never know how much time reaching at a certain cliff may take or till when the weather at a jungle will be rough! When you’re loaded enough with your groceries well, even at times of crises and emergencies, you would not go hungry! Oh, and by food supply, we of course mean long-lasting dry kinds of food items. 

o   Power banks and battery backups — In today’s world, when even the toughest of road trips are tracked through GPS services, staying connected through cell phones is a must! Even though most cars have charging points installed in them, it’s better to carry the extra charged power banks in case those get damaged or don’t work properly along the way. And if the battery may be working properly, the chargers may be damaged or get tampered on the way, it would be wise to carry some extra working chargers too. 

o   Fuelling — Fuel (or the lack of it!) can be the ultimate fun destroyer during road trips and camping drives! If everything is right and you are short of fuel with absolutely no gas stations in your vicinity, you can well imagine how much danger you could be in! Hence, make sure all your cars are fuelled to the brim! 

 You may take a couple of more extra precautions too, like — carrying an extra physical map of the city, getting vaccinated as per need, etc. With these planning taken well into consideration, surely your road drive adventure is going to be the most amazing one with lots of beautiful and thrilling memories to come back with. Just make sure you are following the country’s or the city’s legal guidelines and traffic rules while you are on an adventurous roll, and woot! You are going to make it just fine!

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