The new 2015 P1 Mclaren is a car that was made to be driven hard and it was developed by one of the most successful F1 teams. It is safe to assume you will win if you race for pink slips behind the wheel of this hyper-car. There is a 727-hp twin-turbo V8 and a 176 hp electric motor under the hood which combined gives the P1 up to 903 hp combined!  The 7-speed paddle-shift twin-clutch gearbox can operate in complete auto shift mode and the car has many other exciting features.

Features like the track-only “race” mode, which means the car dips two inches closer to the ground if you feel like being fast and furious or the easiness of switching through normal, sport, track or race modes. If you desire to feel the road more you can switch your P1 into race mode and feel the car lower itself closer to the ground and the wing will come up to help give you more downforce.  With a 1.15 million sticker price you would think this new boy’s toy would be up for grabs but unfortunately all 375 models have already been purchased. 




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