There are very few industries that move along with the times as constantly as the fashion industry, so staying fresh and ahead of the curve is no easy feat – in a whirling world of jackets, jumpers, shirts, and joggers, how do you decipher what’s hot and what’s not? The truth is, you’ve got to have a keen eye for the latest looks and give them your unique spin – if there’s anything that urban streetwear has taught us, it’s that having your own personalised style is the best way to look the part. Here are our top men’s streetwear trends to look out for in Autumn 2019!

Layers, Layers, Layers

Now that the temperature should be starting to drop as we head towards autumn and winter, you’ll be able to layer up as much as you want without ending up uncomfortably warm – this gives you so much more room to play with different textures, colours, and styles. This autumn we’re expecting camel to be one of the most popular tones, particularly when layered on top of itself. A camel sweatshirt covered by a matching overcoat will give you a subdued and understated look that’s set to be all the rage these coming months.

Men’s streetwear is renowned for its ability to blend modern and retro tones, so for a vintage-inspired look why not try a classic printed tee with a bold sports jacket?

Comfort is King

As with any fashion style that pops up at the tail-end of the year, we’re expecting to see cosy pieces take centre stage in many streetwear outfits. Hoodies are perfect for any situation and can be dressed up or down to suit the vibe, but joggers are also a fantastic choice with the wide selection available on the market now really giving you huge possibilities to style your outfit in a way that suits you.

Joggers are no longer just baggy, unflattering sportswear items – in recent years they’ve become the ultimate homage to comfy living and an ode to the rise of athleisure styles. You’ll now be more likely to come across smart and skinny joggers in stores online and on the high street in place of the traditional sporty jogger – they’ve even started to make their way into more formal outfits in the checked and striped style – they can be effortlessly dressed up when paired with the right shoes and top!

Be Unique

Last, but possibly most importantly – stay unique! If you want to keep your style game up to speed with the latest trends – that’s great! But, it’s vital that you retain your own alternative edge to ensure that you aren’t just blending into the crowd. Pop’s of colour or one of a kind items can help you to inject that eclectic vibrancy into your outfits, so keep a lookout for ferocious reds, bright yellows, and glowing greens to add to your menswear collection.

Eye-catching patterns are also a great way to give a bolder edge to your wardrobe, with clashing patterns starting to make their way into the mainstream men’s streetwear scene; don’t be afraid to mix and match your daring prints!

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