When you lose teeth because of periodontitis, your doctor might recommend a dental implant to help you regain your smile. Most dental implant succeed in patients if experienced dentists in certified dental clinics offer them.

If you have missing teeth, you can book an appointment with any dentist specializing in implants, such as ActOn Implants who offers dental implants in the St. Louis area. Dental implants can last for your entire life and are the best solution for individuals with missing or broken teeth. This article emphasizes just some of the benefits of dental implants.

Benefits of having dental implants

1. Long- lasting value

Forget about their affordability, dental implants last eight times longer than dentures. If a certified and experienced dentist offers them, they can last the rest of your life. Dentures can only last a maximum of 7 years, while dental implants can survive for five decades or more.

Dentures are cheaper compared to dental implants, but their demerits surpass those of dental implants. In the long run, it is more economical to go for the long-lasting dental implants since they give you more value for your money.

2. Good for your health

Your oral health is essential in ensuring you keep your teeth healthy and prevent common diseases such as Gingivitis and periodontitis. Dental implants are placed in a prime location. The implants require no reduction of the surrounding teeth. Also, the dentists do not drill any tissues on the jawbone, causing no chronic pain after the placement. The implants create enough space between the teeth, making it possible to clean the teeth and maintain oral health.

3. More appealing

The purpose of having dental implants is to restore the general function of the teeth and regain your smile. Dental implants do not move around your mouth when eating because they fit on the jawbone permanently. Unlike dentures, dental implants restore the function of your teeth wholly. The force in the dental implant is strong enough to withstand the pressure exerted on the teeth. You do not have to worry about the dental implants moving around when you chew or grind hard foods.

4. Easy to maintain

Unlike dentures, which requires a skill set to maintain, dental implant maintenance is simple. You only need to brush your teeth regularly and floss with a floss thread to keep your dental implants in good health. For dentures, you have to remove them every night, rinse, and clean them before returning them to your mouth. The process of maintaining dentures is more time-consuming compared to dental implants.


Dental implants have a success rate of up to 95% making the therapy the most significant in restoring missing, broken, and fractured teeth. Compared to dental bridges, dentures, and other types of dental therapy, dental implants are more beneficial to patients economically.

When going for dental implants, you should ensure you visit an experienced and certified dental clinic. You only live to witness the benefits of a dental implant if the surgical process is done with an expert dentist Dentist in Syracuse.

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