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In an attempt to sell 2.62 acres of prime Los Angeles real estate high atop the Sunset Strip, high-end realtors The Agency hired the Ameen Ayoub Design Studio to create the kind of homes that would make your jaw drop.

While some of the images are making the rounds on Pinterest and Instagram, most people sharing them don’t realize they are computer generated renderings, not actual photographs. This is a practice that is gaining popularity as a way to interest builders and developers in the sale of acreage.

2251 sunset_both homes IIHIH
above: Computer generated renderings of imagined homes atop the empty lot presently for sale by The Agency

The premiere development site The Agency is selling is in one of the world’s most exclusive areas. Located high above the Doheny Estates and the renowned Bird Streets, it has unrivaled views of the Pacific Ocean and entire LA basin. The site has the potential to develop multiple ocean view estates and is ideal for an Owner/Builder or a Developer who yearns for the ultimate combination of astonishing views in an A-List location.

The lot that is for sale:
2251 sunset_orig lot empty IIHIH2251 sunset_orig lot empty2 IIHIH

The Incredible Homes
The Ameen Ayoub Design Studio created two stunning examples of enormous drool-worthy homes to sell the large lot at 2251 Sunset Plaza. The imagined homes contain all the ‘wow’ factors we’ve seen in modern home designs of late. Glassed in garages, spillover pools, sliding walls that open the indoors to the outside, personal gyms, flat screen tvs and large decks from which to view the surrounding areas.

Home Design 1:
2251 sunset_orig lot 1a IIHIH2251 sunset_orig lot 1b IIHIH2251 sunset_orig lot 1c IIHIH2251-SunsetPlaza-Dr03 IIHIH

Home Design 2:
2251 sunset_orig lot 2a IIHIH2251 sunset_orig lot 2b IIHIH2251 sunset_orig lot 2c IIHIH2251 sunset_orig lot 2d IIHIH2251 sunset_orig lot 2e IIHIH
close-ups and details:
2251-SunsetPlaza-Dr driveway detail IIHIH2251-SunsetPlaza-Dr glass garage detail IIHIH2251-SunsetPlaza-Dr gym detail IIHIH

I find it hard to believe that whoever actually purchases the lot will build homes these extravagant, but then again, it is Los Angeles.

The 101,732 square foot lot is priced at $7,495,000.
More info about the lot for sale here.
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About the architect/designer:
Ameen “JR” Ayoub received his undergraduate degree from Baylor University and his Masters of Architecture from Washington University in St. Louis.Since 2004 Ameen has worked in Los Angeles on residential projects of various sizes and budgets. He has also realized several commercial projects in Texas. During Ameen’s time at Gehry Partners he was part of the design team for the new Guggenheim Museum in Abu Dhabi. In 2006 Ameen Ayoub Design Studio Inc. was founded and has completed projects from residential renovations, office renovations, and larger industrial buildings. Currently Ameen is focusing on custom residential design work in Los Angeles.

ameen ayoub

Ameen also collaborates with artists, architects, and designers on various projects from art gallery installations to international competitions and projects.

Ameen Ayoub Design Studio is a contemporary design office dedicated to a progressive working process. The work evokes a sense of ownership to its surroundings while taking into account current technology, sustainability, and constructability. At every level the work inhabits a process transcending the mundane to a level of practice that reaches into a singular authentic vision. Each project is a process involving site, budget, society, and culture.

all images courtesy of Ameen Ayoub

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