by Michael Grizzard

There is something incredible about vacationing in Scandinavian countries. From the stunning sceneries to the picturesque and colorful small towns, you will always be left longing for more.  However, planning a complete Scandinavian tour on your own can be overwhelming as this is a vast destination.

Scandinavia is principally made up of Norway, Finland, Iceland, Sweden, and Denmark. This gives travelers an almost infinite amount of sceneries and landscapes to explore. So, if you’re planning on a trip to this amazing destination, this guide will help you discover the best places that Scandinavia offers:


In Norway, the key attractions include the fjords and towns and the ride on the world’s most scenic railway. Here, you could experience the astonishing natural phenomenon, Aurora Borealis and relish the spectacular nature of Norway and Lapland’s landscapes.


Finland’s capital, Helsinki, is one of the loveliest places to visit as well. The city is encircled with forests that feature a long stretch of trails which is perfect for skiing and sledding. You could also spend the day walking and breathing the crisp air at the frozen Baltic sea and drop by at the Finland Northern Lights Adventure for some outdoor fun.


Iceland has some of the most mesmerizing natural landscapes you could visit. They have stunning glaciers, geothermal resorts, geysers, and falls and active volcanoes that are perfect for a day of sightseeing and relaxation.  


You can also experience the best of Sweden through a private tour of the country’s cozy old towns and its majestic natural sights. You could also treat yourself to a classic winter adventure that features the popular winter pastimes and accommodation in the regal and arctic Icehotel.


Discover the magnificent capital of Copenhagen and small old towns of Denmark. Some of its major attractions include the changing of the Royal Guard ceremony and the Fisheries and Maritime Museums in Esbjerg.


Train from Stockholm to Copenhagen

You can begin your Scandinavian exploit by booking a train from stockholm to copenhagen.

Speed trains from the Swedish Rail will depart from the Stockholm Central Station to Copenhagen in 5 hours. There are up to 6 daily departures contingent upon the day of the week. Rail Ninja offers personalized route planning, guidance, and an online platform to ease your reservation process as well. For tour packages, Firebirdtours provides an excellent scandinavian vacation package comprising of transportation, accommodation, and expert guides that will make your trip to Scandinavia unforgettable. You can also find other several tour packages online and book for a trip depending on your budget.


Scandinavia is one of the biggest and richest destinations when it comes to the natural wonders of the north. These Nordic countries cater to some of the most exhilarating and awe-inspiring tourist attractions around the world, so outdoor and nature lovers would enjoy a week or two in these snowy regions. And while these places are full of wonderful sceneries you can marvel at, they also have a variety of active outdoor activities, cozy restaurants, and lovely hotels that you can stay at.


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