Written by Emma Overton from AskMen.com

Another Valentine’s Day is upon us. Your local grocery store is stocked with frilly red boxes of bon-bons and 4-foot teddy bears filled with cinnamon hearts; in an attempt to replicate the traumatic grade school experience of exchanging Valentines, your office is coordinating the delivery of anonymous “candygrams” from secret admirers; and in the evening, the restaurant windows are filled with lovey-dovey couples huddled over candlelit meals of overpriced food and cheap wine.

In the midst of all this cloying, Hallmark-holiday crap, you’re suddenly finding you have a lot in common with the ostrich — as you’d happily bury your head underground for a full 24 hours.

Maybe you recently broke up, maybe you’ve been single for a while now, or maybe you’re hitched and just hate the whole concept of the holiday. Whatever the reason, we’re here to help you celebrate the ultimate Anti-Valentine’s Day — a day for people who can think of a few other places Cupid can stick his arrow.


Plan a road trip

What better way to avoid all the commotion than hightailing it out of town? You could find a cheap ticket to somewhere warm, wild and boozy; visit an old friend; get a bus out to the closest casino for a boys’ night; or pick a concert in another city and road trip it out there with some other single friends.


Attend an anti-Valentines Day party

A number of cities are home to Anti-Valentine’s Day bashes. D.C. practically has a week-long string of Anti-Valentine’s events for singles. Or if you’re really ambitious, throw your own party! Buzzfeed has tips for how to throw an Anti-Valentine’s Day fete.


Cook an elaborate meal with your friends

The more elaborate the better. Endeavor to master some tricky recipe that requires days of preparation and the purchase of a specialty culinary item like a cheesecloth or a cooking torch. It’ll keep you occupied — and come next Valentine’s Day, you can impress your date with your chef-school recipe and your, um, cheesecloth.


Rent some horror movies

Forget about When Harry Met Sally — what about when Freddy met Jason? Leave the rom-com section to the couples and engage in a personal game of Fear Factor with Leatherface, Jack from The Shiningand that little girl from The Ring. Whew, that little girl gives us the heebie-jeebies.


Drink with friends

But not sad drunk. The goal here is to have fun, not to break down into a puddle of desperation and text all your exes. Go out to that mechanical-bull bar with a bunch of friends and pretend one of you is getting married, because what’s better than a bachelor party? A fake bachelor party. Make it a Valentine’s Day to remember — or not remember, whichever.


Visit your parents

Who better to spend Valentine’s Day with than the people who are legally obligated to love you unconditionally? Don’t forget to bring Mom some roses.


Marathon a show

Never actually got around to watching Lost? Well, you’ve got a whole evening wide open to find out what the hell everyone was talking about back in 2005.


Reorganize your room

Get a head start on your spring cleaning, and while you’re at it, toss out those last few love letters, that special seashell from a past weekend of romance, and that poem your ex wrote where she compared your relationship to a rainbow.
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