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We’re all for splurging and treating yourself to something nice every once in a while, but this is just NUTS!

This past Thursday, an auction was held where various items from Princess Diana and Prince Charles‘ 1981 royal wedding was sold to the public!

But we’re not talking about normal things, like invitations or placeholders or things like that. We’re talking some strange sh*t, like a piece of toast from the morning of the wedding (seriously, it sold for $380!) and a slice of cake!

So how much did this 33-year-old pastry sell for? Try $1,375!!! Holy cow, that’s a lot of cheese!!!

Just to be clear, the buyer didn’t just get a moldy piece of cake! In fact, their moldy piece of cake came neatly wrapped in the original wax paper and doily it came in, as well as a hand written thank you letter from Princess Di and Prince Charles themselves!

OK, so we guess that’s pretty cool, but still. That’s a LOT of money to spend on a 33-year-old cake when you can buy a brad new cake at the supermarket for 20 bucks!

Destination Luxury Comment:  We think $1,375 is way too low for this piece of wedding cake.  In a couple years, the cake will definitely appreciate.  Come on, there’s a handwritten note from the couple in the cake!

How much would you pay for this piece of cake?

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