2014 was a year of invention, so don’t miss the overlooked cool gadgets available in 2015! We all love gadgets, especially when they enrich our lives and are a cool tech. Not all gadgets need to break your bank but sometimes you just have to have it. Listed below are the top 5 coolest gadgets on Kickstarter that are must-haves in 2015.

6. Key Cord-Cutting Statistics in 2019 – Is Cable TV Dead?

For years, cable companies made billions offering consumers access to cable TV. This meant more channels and better content and left with no other option, many of us signed right up. But now, cable TV is getting prohibitively expensive, and there are many other options out there for consuming content, causing people to “cut the cord” and turn their backs on cable companies forever.

5. 101touch: The New Generation of Keyboards 

Ever notice how technology is getting more and more…touchy these days? From smartphones to laptops, navigation to cameras; so why not keyboards too? That’s right, 101touch invented a touch screen keyboard that works for all types of computers. The best part? Keyboard apps that make it much more than a keyboard. You can go from standard text to computer game controls to creating music, the possibilities are truly endless. This keyboard is the new high tech gadget that has something for everyone, including kids. Learn more about what 101touch has to offer on their website.

4. Keewifi Router: Tap to Connect

Let’s face it, with cellular data prices increasing by the minute, we can’t live without our wifi. And when that wifi doesn’t work, you can’t find the password, you can’t remember the password, or even set the router up…we get really frustrated. The Keewifi Router saves you the stress by making a simple router that you simply plug in and tap to connect. Yup, that’s really all you do, no tricks! When you want to connect, you bring the router and the device in close proximity and then tap to authorize the device. No more worrying about rude neighbors slowing down your wifi or giving your password out to guests. It’s simple, fast and secure. Learn more about Keewifi Router before their July launch and be the first to get it

3. Somabar: Robotic Bartender for Your Home

We have coffee pots, espresso machines, waffle makers, toasters, panini grills, automatic can openers…when is someone going to make a bartender? That’s right, Somabar did! Never face the embarrassment of making bad alcoholic drinks for your company, then let’s face it, we all can’t be bartenders. Fear not, you can order drinks from your smartphone has a perfectly crafted cocktail. And the best part is that you get to tip yourself. The Somabar uses ingredients that you supply and makes your drink according to your preferences. And like a good bartender, Somabar makes suggestions on what to add to your drink and most importantly, when inventory is getting low. Explore more on Somabar’s facebook page.

2. Hush: The World’s First Smart Earplugs 

Do you ever want to block out all the noise but can’t in fear of missing out on important things? Hush has a solution; wireless earplugs that connect to your smartphone. Get away from the noise that you can’t control without missing out. Through your smartphone, you can set which notifications on you can hear, and which ones to block. The best part; an alarm clock that only you can hear. Don’t you hate when you are awoken by other people’s phones, alarm clocks, and texts? Get them a pair of Hush Earplugs and sleep in until your heart desires. For more information, follow Hush on Twitter.

1. HIRO: Bluetooth Thing Finder

Do you waste time running around looking for your stuff? Finally, there is something that is inexpensive, light and connects to your iPhone or Android to track your things. The Hiro Bluetooth thing finder is a small tag (smaller than a dog tag) which you can place and/or hook onto your things and track their location up to 200 ft using your smartphone. Lose your keys no more, find your wallet in an instant and help prevent theft by knowing where your stuff is at all times. Check out Hiro Bluetooth out on Facebook.

What are some of the tech gadgets you can’t live without? Leave your comments below.




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