There’s nothing more exciting that the anticipation of a vacation abroad. It’s a time for you to relax and unwind as well as introduce you to new sights and cultures. As much as you want to enjoy your trip, you should also consider the potential risks and dangers that may be present at your destination. Especially if you are a solo traveller. So here are some top travel safety tips that will allow you to thoroughly enjoy your vacation and keep you safe.

Don’t go unprepared

Going on vacation with little planning is a recipe for disaster. Hotels and resorts may not be able to accommodate you or you may be unable to find transportation late at night. Leaving you lost, stranded and without a bed for the night. This can be easily avoided if you plan ahead. Before you leave, use your phone or laptop to search for Hotels near me at your vacation destination. Also, search for rental cars and public transport options too. The more planning you do, the more at ease you will feel.


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Watch your drinking

While on vacation abroad, it’s totally understandable that you’ll want alcoholic beverages. But being drunk can make you vulnerable in a different country. Your judgement will also be impaired. Never leave your drinks unattended anywhere, even in places where you feel safe. Also, don’t go drinking alone. Make friends with the bar staff or other holiday-makers to make it appear that you are not by yourself. The alcohol content in some drinks may be higher than what you are used to, so never drink more than you can handle. Organize transport to pick you up and take you safely back to your accommodation and check the closing times of bars and restaurants too.

Listen to your gut

If you don’t feel at ease in a restaurant, taxi or bar, then leave as quickly as possible. Your gut instinct is a warning sign that something doesn’t feel right, so don’t ignore it. Particularly if you are travelling alone or late at night. Keep your mobile fully charged so you can call for help or find out your exact location using Google maps. Always stick to busy areas and know the contact details for your hotel and the emergency services of the country you are in.

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Don’t keep your money in one place

Keeping all of your money in one place might be convenient, but it can also be dangerous. If you keep it all in your wallet and get robbed during your stay, you will feel vulnerable and may have to cut your trip short. It’s best to keep some money with you but leave majority in the safe provided at your accommodation. Keep some emergency money hidden in your suitcase too. Also don’t flash your cash, jewelry or phone around to avoid drawing the attention of thieves.

Most of these tips require some common sense and thought. While you shouldn’t feel put off from travelling abroad, it’s important that you are prepared for any eventuality. Follow these tips and it’s guaranteed you will have the most perfect vacation.


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