Munich often has a reputation for being a serious city. As a center for much business in Germany, it can feel like a place that works hard. Munich does have some fun attractions for the family. Its position in Bavaria makes it very accessible from anywhere in Europe.


For some lower cost attractions, Munich is very good. The Museum Brandhorst features artwork from Andy Warhol and Damien Hurst.

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The design of the building itself is contemporary and colorful. It was designed by architects Sauerbruch Hutton.


One of the best parks in Munich is free and open to the public all year round. In the style of an English garden, there are plenty of open areas as well as formal flower gardens. Shyer families may want to avoid areas where nudists are permitted to sunbathe in the summer.

St. Peter's Church Reviews - Munich, Bavaria | Gogobot

St. Peter’s Church is free to enter, and climbing the tower is a great way to wear the kids out. The view from the top offers fabulous views of the city. It’s a useful place to check out where you want to explore next.

Viktualienmarkt – Beyond the farmers market

Wandering the numerous food markets provides a fabulous insight into the culture of Munich. These markets display and sell a variety of Bavarian cheeses and sausages unique to the region. Viktualienmarkt is a particular favourite for the city.


Getting to Munich is easy by train or plane. Roads in Germany tend to be faster than the rest of Europe and can put some nervous drivers off. To find the best way to reach Munich for you and your family check out and see if a hotel package fits your itinerary.

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Hotels and accommodation in many parts of Germany are very clean and environmentally conscious. It may be worth remembering to separate any rubbish you may leave behind to help with recycling. Lots of hotels feature some spa facilities, such as a steam room plunge pool. If you are travelling with younger family, it is worth bearing in mind that some locals may be happy to use these facilities naked.


While German is spoken as a first language, many people in Munich are happy to use business English. When ordering food and drink, paying by cash in Euro is often preferred. It is also worth checking out any local laws that are a little different from home. A common mistake made by tourists to Germany is to cross the road if the crossing lights are red. It is illegal, and local police will enforce it.


Of all the things to go to Munich for, beer has to be top of the list. Oktoberfest is a great opportunity for you to sample beers from all over Bavaria and to buy some to take home too. Travelling to Munich and staying there during Oktoberfest will cost you more. This celebrated event brings everything together to provide a full cultural experience of Munich in one place. Whatever your reasons for going, Munich is never a boring place to visit.



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