Quick question: how many pens have you misplaced in the last six months? Follow­up question: have you lost sleep worrying about their whereabouts? Most of us give very little thought about what our writing instruments. That’s why The Vermont Pen Company’s Thomas Davenport fountain pen – with a price tag of $9,720 may come off as a bit of a shock for the uninitiated. If you’ve been picking up multi­ packs from Walgreens all of your life, you must be wondering – how can a pen possibly be worth such an investment?


Vermont Pen produces more than just writing instruments – they make high quality luxury products. The solid slate gift box that houses this pen instantly signifies the value and importance of this item; it’s the kind of heirloom that you’ll pass on to members of your family for generations to follow. Handmade by master artisans using Sterling Silver and top quality precious metals, the Thomas Davenport is smooth and invokes a feeling of prestige and care that is an absolute rarity not just in the pen industry, but society in general.

Your signature isn’t just some perfunctory task; it’s the embodiment of your word, your legacy, your character, your past, present, and future. Your written word deserves the type of quality care and craftsmanship that is synonymous with Vermont Pen. In a time that has become all about the bottom line and quantity over quality, this company preserves their products with passion, attention to detail, and a pristine aesthetic that has seen their pens increase in value over time throughout the company’s 115 year history. If you know the benefits of luxury and want to literally have it at your fingertips, you owe yourself the chance to experience life with a Vermont Pen Company pen in your hands.


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