Are you having trouble finding the best Toronto luxury suites? The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on the travel industry. Today, as shopping malls and restaurants begin opening their doors across Canada, Toronto’s incoming wave of visitors have a new perspective—one that emphasizes health and safety above all else. 


Here are a few reasons why Airbnb no longer qualifies as a safe place to stay. 

1. Safety First 

Globally, the number of COVID-19 cases has climbed past 15 million, with deaths rising above half a million. In terms of how the pandemic affects daily life, people everywhere are social distancing, strapping masks to their faces, and clinging to mini-bottles of hand sanitizer. 


In the wake of a viral outbreak of unprecedented scale, the idea of sharing a stranger’s home is about as far from relaxing as you could imagine. 


Before the pandemic, booking an Airbnb was already risky as far as cleanliness goes. Today, with the health of your loved ones on the line, that risk just isn’t worth it anymore. 

2. Little Peace of Mind 

Airbnb has no way of enforcing sanitization standards across its millions of listings. If you get stuck with an unreliable host, not only is your health at risk, but so is your deposit. Airbnb’s policies have long been accused of favouring hosts—who help expand the company’s worldwide influence—over guests. 


This became more than simply an accusation when, following the initial outbreak of COVID-19, guests were required to jump through hoops to get their money back. The fight for refunds became so heated that customers resorted to emailing the company’s CEO to vent their frustrations. 

3. Risks vs. Benefits 

Before the pandemic, Airbnb provided guests with a cost-effective way to vacation like a local. Booking accommodations through the platform was a gamble with regards to cleanliness, but it didn’t matter (most of the time). Today, however, guests feel differently. 



Issues such as missing amenities, unclean accommodations, fake listings, and a host not showing up for check-in, were all too common before the pandemic. With more COVID-19 cases than ever, the risk of booking an Airbnb far outweighs the benefits. 

Where Should I Stay in Toronto?

With hand sanitizer still flying off the shelves of supermarkets everywhere, an Airbnb—and home-sharing in general—just isn’t worth the risk. So, how can you stay safe while travelling, or relocating, at the height of a viral pandemic? Protecting yourself and your loved ones starts with a safe place to stay. 


Regardless of whether you’re a frontline healthcare worker who’s self-isolating, a corporate executive in town for a conference, or a native Torontonian desperate for a change of scenery—staying at a fully-furnished luxury suite is your best option. Here’s why. 


Unlike Airbnbs, Toronto Luxury Suites follow strict standards for sanitization. Cleanliness is a guarantee. Plus, luxury suites offer the same degree of comfort as a hotel room—for a fraction 

of the price. 


With a fully-stocked kitchen, world-class amenities, high-speed internet, and prime locations throughout the city, staying safe has never been more comfortable. 

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