To be charmed by the perfect spa is quite an experience. In Luhačovice, otherwise referred to as Spa City, visitors will find themselves in a valley full of dream-like homes. Located in the south eastern region of the Czech Republic, it is practically a land of fairy tales. The picturesque valley peacefully embraces the small town of Luhačovice. The forest trees seem to climb down from the hillsides into the basin with trees scattered throughout the town, resembling more like a fantasy park than a city.

The spa itself is located right where the valley opens up, thus allowing for lots of sunlight, space, and fresh air. The whole setup is brilliantly conceived and just a brief walk through will conjure up a smile.

The houses, designed by the architect Dušan Jurkovič, resemble nothing else and are almost beyond classification as a certain style. Each is absolutely and utterly original and wonderfully quaint. These colorful magnificent buildings are referred to as Folk Art Nouveau. Constructed in the early 20th century, they still look, owing to diligent renovation, as if they were designed by the genial architect only yesterday.

Since time immemorial, Luhačovice valley has been full of gurgling mineral water springs displaying a veritable rainbow of colors thanks to the special sediments. The spa’s fame began to spread at the end of the 18th century. Thanks to a high content of mineral elements and a large amount of dissolved carbon dioxide, the mineral waters are considered to be some of the most efficient in Europe.


Strolling along the valley to get to an individual pavilion sheltering the springs. A total of 16 healing springs are scattered around the valley, with the most famous Vincentka. You could admire houses designed by Jurkovič, as well as fountains and the colonnade. You would be enchanted by this unique and colorful universe.

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Images Courtesy of Alexandria Spa & Wellness Hotel. 

Written by DLX contributor Romana Schützová.

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