This year’s CES featured many companies in the fitness space, none was more on center stage than Peloton. The machine is an innovator in indoor cycling. The company has gone from a fitness startup to being the gold standard in the home workout space. They provide a fun and unique experience for its customers, not only with its equipment but with originally produced content including workout classes lead by top industry professionals.

CCO Fred Klein sat down with us at CES to talk about the company’s latest product. He says “The platform is the star. We are layering on more value and focusing on making top content. Because the product is so good we can’t fake the reaction from the customer.” Fred is not only CCO — he is also a customer, a fan of the brand, and loves where the company is heading.

What exactly is in store? For starters, they’re launching a new product in 2018 — the Peloton Tread. Along with the new treadmill comes new content, boot camp classes, walking classes, and the instructor-led studio to capture the experience.



Peloton strives to provide their customers with; a fun experience, great content, top instructors, efficient workouts, and most importantly feeling a part of a community. Currently, It has one studio in New York and retail locations nationwide.

To learn more, visit the Peloton website here

All images courtesy of Peloton.

Written by Jeff Rothman.

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