As trends come and go, giving an awesome gift is always your best bet. Birthdays, holidays, just because, thank you’s; There’s millions of reasons to give someone a special experience. Then, of course, there’s that one friend who sent you that card or photo with her jumping off a building with a parachute. Yes, the hardest person to shop for, the one who doesn’t have everything because it can’t make their blood pump faster: The adrenaline junkie. Destination Luxury is proud to present the Top 15 Gifts for the Adrenaline Seeker in your life.


To start off our list, let’s get your friend and a love one flying above the beautiful deserts of Arizona with Fly High Paragliding. Towards the bottom of our list for being of the least lethal, this activity has it’s flyer attached to a giant kite-like structure and steering their way off gentle slopes or extreme cliffs.


Wanna get wet and wild? Why not go canyoning in Dominica with Extreme Dominica, one of the most raved about tour groups for the Nature Island. Located just 15 minutes from the capital city of Roseau, they will get to see (and scale) some of the most beautiful parts of the Commonwealth of Dominica, including some parts you can only get to by some rather impressive rock-climbing.


While Japan is known for it’s extreme beauty and culture, nothing can get your blood pumping more than the most haunted and terrifying forest in East Asia: Aokigahara, the Suicide Forest. Located near the base of Mount Fuji, this 14 square mile forest is known for it’s long histories of unexplained suicides and relationship with demons.


Oh, you knew this was going to be on the list. Get your friend to the beautiful land of Hawaii and put them in a metal box and surround them by nature’s perfect aquatic predator. On the island of Oahu you take a tour with Shark Tours Hawaii, enjoying some up close and personal time with creatures that can totally eat your face with no problems. This doesn’t just have to be in Hawaii, either: Mexico, Bora Bora, Coastal Florida. You can deal with these perfect predators in almost any waters. Happy swimming!


A very special kind of crazy– I’m sorry, I mean, a very special experience might be an introduction to BASE jumping, an acronym that stands for the four things they’ll learn to jump from: Buildings, Antennas, Spans, and Earth (Cliffs, to be precise, but jumping off the planet might not be too far out there). Why not get them started with classes from ProBASE Academy?


Your friend is a human twister, huh? Well, see how they compare with a REAL force of nature. Extreme Tornado Tours feature veteran storm chasers who will get you up close and personal with some of the most destructive and dangerous forces in the world. Options include 5, 7, or 10 day chases from Denver and Oklahoma City. Just watch out for cows.


Hey, religion and madness in one big celebration! From the 6th to the 14th of July, have your friend pay respects to San Fermin, the Patron Saint of Navarra, by running with some of the biggest, most dangerous animals on four hooves. It might only take five minutes, but we dare you to find a more adrenaline pumping celebration.


Known for it’s quaint and charming ski resorts, the northernmost island of Japan of Hokkaido features some amazing and untouched mountains that are begging to have a snowboard used on them. That’s where Niseko Xtreme Tours comes in: This tour takes you to Mt. Anupuri, Iwanupuri, Nitonpuri and Chisenpuri. It only has room for six people per tour, this eight hour climb-and-slide tour is bound to make some great memories for your friend.


Warning: The following video is very intense. Viewer discretion is advised.

It’s been called sick, sadistic, and down-right torturous. It’s seven hours of pure, undeniable terror that no man should ever experience. The McKamey Manor (do NOT click that link if you’re squeamish) is like Disneyland for the demented. Russ McKamey employs movie-quality props and effects and goes so deep into your brain that you might not be the same when it’s all said and done. Oh, did we mention you don’t buy a ticket but have to apply for admittance? Your friend is going to freak when they get in… If they survive, that is!


Remember that time you took your adrenaline-junky friend to the movies and they totally flipped out when the guy jumped out of the exploding helicopter and started snowboarding down a cliff as they outran the bad guy? Well, Helitrax can’t supply the bad guys or exploding helicopters (thank heavens), but they can supply the jumping from a moving vehicle and snowboarding or skiing down treacherous terrain.


So, bungee jumping too tame for your friend? Can’t say we blame them. I mean, sure, plummeting towards the ground only to be saved by a thin piece of cord could just get dull… We assume. Why not have them fall 111 meters (or 364 Feet) with a bungee cord over the crocodile infested water of Zambezi River, instead? Located at the scenic Victoria Falls of Livingstone, Africa, this 110 year old tourist destination is quite beautiful and quite deadly.


A pirate’s life for me, indeed! Buy your adrenaline lover the opportunity to be a real pirate and hunt for lost doubloons, because . Combine treasure hunting, a history lesson, and the opportunity for some serious bling, and you get a week trip with Mel Fisher’s Treasures. Because, deep down, your friend wants to be Captain Jack Sparrow.


Want to give your friend something with a certain Eastern European flair? How about flying a MiG 29 (worth a small fortune) around Moscow? Brave fliers are given the opportunity to soar seventy thousand feet above Russia in the same kind of ship Tom Cruise went up against in Top Gun going about the speed of “fast,” or maybe just spend 45 minutes doing aerobatic stunts of pure terror. Incredible Adventures spares no expense, so make sure your friend is REALLY going to use this experience wisely.


The Central Florida Fire Academy, located in Orlando, Florida, lets that adrenaline pumping friend of yours pretend to be a REAL hero. They can save a “victim” from a burning car with all the tools of the trade, get to actually drive one of those big shiny firetrucks, and end the day with a firehouse dinner. No idea of the quality of that dinner, but who wouldn’t want to be so cool?


Warning: The following video is extremely 90’s Viewer Discretion is advised.

Vegas? Yeah, sure, some gambling could get the adrenaline pumping… I guess. Or, you could actually be the cool gift giver and get that special nutjob something like a “Stuntcation.” Let them be a stuntman or stunt woman for a week with a hands on, first-hand experience in a “safe” environment. Thrillseekers Unlimited is in the business of head-rushes that will have your friend’s exciting life flash before their eyes.

Think these are good gifts for the thrill-seeker in your life? Let us know in the comments below!




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