While the idea of leaving your full-time job to travel around the world sounds amazing, it’s definitely not for everyone. Well, it doesn’t even need to be.


It isn’t necessarily bad to be a workaholic if you only know how to balance work and leisure. Workaholism will likely bring feelings of fulfillment if you genuinely love your work. But, it is a completely different story if you hate your current job as you’ll probably always feel like quitting every time your alarm clock wakes you up in the morning.


The bottom line is that even the most career-minded individuals need a recharging break. Because you’ve always worked so hard, below are five clever tips to help you have more luxury travels.



  • Take Advantage Of Weekends



You probably have heard this tip many times already, but, still, it definitely is valid. If you leave your place on a Friday night and make it back on Sunday evening or even early Monday morning, you definitely have more than enough time to engage in an action-packed and fun city break. 


Weekends are also perfect for an incentivized travel, so if your company is rewarding you or your team a luxury trip because of hitting your sales target for the month, you can seamlessly squeeze it in during a weekend. 


Of course, don’t forget to keep an eye out on some great holiday or hotel deals in major cities. As long as you opt to go to a place or places that you can easily reach either by airplane or car, you can surely experience quite a lot of fun over a weekend.



  • Take Advantage Of Festive Holidays And Use Them For Luxury Trips



Festive holidays, like Easter or Christmas, are an excellent time to travel if you or your family aren’t especially religious. Well, it can also be one of the best excuses to miss Thanksgiving together with your extended family! Going on a luxury trip during a holiday will give you a chance to make the most out of your holiday vacation days while spending the season of festivity somewhere special.


There are a lot of places to choose from for your luxury holiday trip. You could visit the home of Santa Claus in Finland for you to have the chance to experience a white Christmas and go on reindeer rides, as well as enjoy authentic Finnish cuisine. Celebrating the most colorful, loudest, and biggest carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is also a great idea.


However, if you prefer spending the holidays with your family, why not arrange a trip with them?  That’s going to be more exciting for sure!



  • Don’t Forget To Always Use Your Vacation Leaves



Some people don’t use their vacation leaves. One reason why people do that is that they want to prepare for anything unexpected. If you’re one of those people who wait for rainy days before deciding to use vacation leaves, then, be sure to check the policies of your company first. Chances are they actually allow days off for emergencies and bereavement time.


Make 2020 a year to break all bad habits, including taking less than full advantage of your allotted vacation leaves.



  • Add Your Vacation Days To Holidays And Long Weekends



You can really start maximizing your travel potential if you plan around holidays wisely. For instance, even only adding four of your vacation days or leaves to a three-day weekend will give you a total of nine days off from your work (including the previous weekend). That’s definitely more than enough time for you to explore a fantastic new country and cover two or more different places in one trip.


If you have plans to go to Europe, for instance, you’ll find lots of places to explore that are only a short flight away. You can even go to lesser-known destinations in the continent, like Macedonia, Romania, and Bosnia. These places and many other areas can be easily accessed from most parts of Europe.


Well, even if you’re only going to add one or two vacation days to one long weekend, you’ll still get at least four days. That’s already a perfect amount of time for an extended hiking trip or city break.



  • Extend Work Trips



If you’re given a chance to travel for work, then, don’t hesitate to discuss with your boss the possibility of a few additional days at the end or beginning of your work trip. It’s the perfect opportunity to explore a country or city and get some deserved downtime after all the busy work days.


If the work trip will bring you to places that aren’t exactly of interest to you, take time to look around because, maybe, there’s a nearby city or town that’s more interesting and only a hop away by train, bus, or plane.


Final Thoughts


Most employers recognize their best-performing employees. They’ll also do what they can to keep them, even if that means having to stretch the status quo. If you’ve always got your ducks in a row, then, try to bend the rules in your favor by requesting for extra travel time.


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