With more and more people starting to use CBD or cannabidiol products to help them fight insomnia and anxiety, among other ailments, you might wonder if it’s legal to bring such products with you to the airport. Maybe, you’re thinking of using them to help with flight anxiety or for any other therapeutic purposes you have in mind during your trip. But, since CBD isn’t evenly regulated, it’s completely understandable to be nervous about the idea of traveling with it. 


Can you take your vape on a plane?  Can you travel with CBD oil?  Can you bring CBD edibles with you during your flight?  This post will try to shed light on these questions below.


Cannabidiol: What Is It?


First of all, it’s essential to understand what cannabidiol is, including the nature of this compound. If you’re still unaware, CBD or cannabidiol is one of the many compounds found in the cannabis plant. However, unlike its better-known cousin, tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, CBD doesn’t impair an individual or cause someone to get high.


CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system of your body to regulate every part of your physical being. CBD products help in improving various ailments, such as inflammation, chronic pain, and anxiety. See this page at Cheef Botanicals to learn more about cannabidiol products.


Of course, if you’ve already been using cannabidiol to treat the symptoms mentioned above, especially anxiety, you’ll want access to its therapeutic benefits when you travel. The truth is that most people still aren’t sure whether or not they can travel with CBD oil and other products even though there are now 33 states in the US that have legalized medical cannabis.


Flying With CBD Oil: Is It Possible?


Yes, it’s possible, and it’s fine to fly with cannabidiol products, such as CBD oil, as long as their THC percentage doesn’t exceed 0.3 %. As long as these hemp-derived products are produced within law-defined regulations, they’re allowed.


Even when accessing the guidelines of the TSA or Transportation Security Administration, you’ll clearly see that flying with CBD oil is legal. According to the TSA, Marijuana and some cannabis-infused products, including cannabidiol oil, are considered illegal under federal law, but not including those that contain THC or tetrahydrocannabinol not exceeding 0.3 % on a dry weight basis or have been approved by the FDA or Food and Drug Administration. 


This policy is a major change from the TSA’s previous rules and only came into effect in May of last year. In the past, the TSA didn’t consider any medical marijuana products, which include CBD oil and other related products, appropriate for travel. Today, however, there’s already a caveat to this rule, denoting special exceptions, especially in the case of cannabidiol products. Such a change came after the first-ever CBD oil medication, Epidiolex, got the approval of the FDA.


Is Traveling Internationally With CBD Oil Possible?


In the case of international travel, you may want to consider holding off on bringing CBD oil and other products. Even if you’re going to travel to a country or city that has already decriminalized cannabis products, like in Vancouver, or if you have complete proper documentation, it’s essential to note that heavier scrutiny is in place on international trips. As you probably would agree with, it isn’t worth getting in trouble legally when entering a foreign country. What you can do instead is to look at other options. Other options you can take include mailing the CBD oil to your chosen destination ahead of time. But, of course, make sure to comply with local laws if you decide to follow this process.


How To Safely Travel With CBD Oil


Please take note that security officers from the Transportation Security Administration don’t search for marijuana or any other illegal drugs, but may do so if suspected violations of law arise.


Below are a few tips for you to ponder if you want to avoid any issues when going on a trip with CBD oil and other related products.



  • Pack The CBD Oil Smartly



Although it’s unlikely that CBD oil’s presence will result in airport issues, it’s still important to stick to the liquid rule set by the TSA. The TSA liquid rule says that containers that are 3.4 ounces or larger aren’t permitted. Well, this is going to be an easy rule to follow for you since CBD oil tinctures mostly come in one-ounce bottles.


However, some people get worried about the bottle containing CBD oil leaking out or breaking during the flight. Well, it can happen, that’s why it’s recommended to place the cannabidiol oil inside a clear plastic bag for you to protect the other items in your luggage.



  • Bring The Right Products



Aside from bringing CBD oil, it’s also possible to carry CBD products that are easy to take on-the-go, like gummies or capsules. However, keep in mind that bringing a CBD vape may not be a good move for you to make since it’s strictly prohibited to bring any smoking products on a flight.




All in all, there’s not much to worry about bringing CBD oil and some other related products when you travel domestically. However, don’t forget that there are still potential risks that you might run into if you don’t stick with the rules or you don’t carry the right products.


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