As rich in sun, and beach life, as it is in culture, you would benefit from hearing about Zanzibar.

Stunningly white beaches that give way to the abundance of deep sea fishing possibilities make up the relaxing outskirts of this East African coastal nation, where the chance to get a tan is as abundant as it is satisfying. However, you don’t have to dig that much further to see the expansive impact many cultures have had here. With the Persian, and Indo-Arabian history, often quite literally, ingrained into the architecture, you’ll see for yourself very quickly how other civilizations have helped to form the heritage of this historic trading port, and this is without even touching upon its more locally sourced Swahili influences.

Deeply Cultural

Zanzibar wears it’s cultural influences proudly, as you’ll be able to clearly see for yourself by simply walking its streets. Abandoned Persian bathhouses, seemingly never ending pathways of minarets, or facing the seafront of Stone Town, where constructs of cast-iron columns planted by British engineers that are inscribed with a verse from the Qur’an will peak your intellectual, and archaeological, curiosity. If nothing else, any visitor to Zanzibar should take a trip to the aptly named House of Wonders, the former home of a Sultan. Zanzibar is truly home to history and cultural constructions that must be seen first hand, through your own eyes, to be correctly appreciated and understood.

Beautiful and relaxing

Of course, we know many people would like a more traditional holiday experience, and not to worry, Zanzibar still has you covered. As we mentioned above, vast beaches of soft, white sand, with the clear waters of the Indian Ocean brushing against them, create a tantalising invitation to anyone looking to sprawl out and relax in the sun, or even just admire the views of the barrier reefs that nestle along these picturesque shores. It is these kind of sights that “wish you were here” postcards were made for; you could even snap a few pictures and make your own!

Hands-on Leisure Time

Of course, if you like to be more involved in your down time then you can just as easily go beyond these same shores, perhaps via a cruise, and take advantage of the chance to cast a line into some of Africa’s best deep sea fishing grounds. Try and catch a prize to be proud of, and reminisce about it for years to come, or simply let the gentle waves rock you to sleep as you look out over the almost dream-like perfect ocean.

If any of that has already got you packing a bag, or even just piqued your interest slightly, then it’s time for you to book your next getaway. Zanzibar has a historical culture which has influenced countries around the world, and it’s about time that you booked a getaway to take in the sights and relax with your friends and family. Enjoy.



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