Norethisterone is the period delay pill that works just like hormone progesterone which arises in a body naturally. It can delay you period up to 17 days or more. You should take three tablets per day within 24 hours before three days of the period. It will delay your period when you take the table.  The period delay pill contains a progesterone form, a female hormone which avoids their uterus from the getting rid of lining during menstruation beginnings. It is available in tablet form and dosage strength is 5mg three times per day. You need to take these tablets before three days of your menstruation starting and continue until you delay your period. However, it is better to take these pills up to 17 days. It is a safe way to delay your menstruation for 17 days. Once you stop taking pills, your period will begin after three or four days. However, time pattern is different for every female. The Norethisterone dose is not recommended to use for a long time because it can cause a problem regarding your hormone balance.


It is vital to take these tablets before three days of your period date and continue them regularly by taking three doses per day. However, if you miss taking a tablet, you can continue it with the next dose. Do not try to take two doses at one time. It is better to read the drug leaflet; it will give you detailed information about the drug.


Common side effects faced by women are itching, rashes, headfaches, depression and dizziness. More serious one is jaundice, thrombosis, margarine and fluid retention


Sometimes women do not observe their menstruation for some days after they stop taking period delay medicine. Slight delay can occur because your body requires some time to adapt hormonal changes. It is recommended doing a pregnancy diagnose test if you miss your period for one week. It will rule out the pregnancy possibility. These tablets are not the contraceptive. So you should make use of additional ways of contraceptive during the treatment phase. If you are not getting your menstruation, you should consult your gynaecologist.


According to expert’s reviews, it is safe to take Norethisterone with other drugs. However, some medicines are not suitable while using period delay pill. You should consult your doctor when you think to use other medicine with Norethisterone. There is a list of unsuitable medicine available on the internet; you can check it on Europa pharmacy official site or any other medical forum. In the case of failure, the best option is to consult your doctor. Medicine such as period delay helps you on holiday because you can enjoy your trip with your loved ones without any stress of getting a period. For more information, you can visit a different pharmacy or medical forums to get additional information about period delay methods. Whatever you choose, seek the assistance of your gynaecologist because there is no compromise on health.  If you are thinking to delay your period for some special event, you need ot visit online pharmacy ethical sites to get more information about these drugs.

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