One of the top industries that have seen tremendous growth over the years is the vaping industry. Each year, players in the vaping industry introduce something new, whether it’s a device, product, or a new vaping style. 

From batteries and electronic-liquid flavors to atomizers, the vaping industry is evolving continually. New trends are more likely to emerge in response to what some lawmakers, healthcare officials, and parents consider a vaping epidemic. This epidemic is precisely why the U.S. president and lawmakers are proposing a ban on flavored e-juices. 

However, this has not stopped the industry from growing. In fact, the vaping industry continues to become more popular. The vaping industry was valued at $11 billion as of 2018. And the value is expected to hit $ 31 billion by 2025. 

Here are some vaping trends we are more likely to see in 2020 and beyond.


  • Smaller vaping devices


Technology is taking the world by storm, and the vaping industry is not left behind either. In the past, you could easily notice an e-cigarette, but this has changed thanks to technology. Smaller vapes have emerged in recent years. Vaping device manufacturers are more likely to come up with even smaller devices to make it easier to use discreetly. The devices will also be more portable than what is in the market now.


  • The popularity of nicotine salts


The e-liquids are more likely to undergo serious modifications in 2020 and beyond. The nicotine salts are not actually salty; the name is more of scientific elaboration. They have the highest level of nicotine compared to other smoking products. These salts can help smoking addicts to overcome their addiction by providing them with a better and safer option. The nicotine salts have become very popular over the past few months, and it is expected to continue to grow in 2020.


  • An increase in demand for flavored e-cigarettes


Every year, the demand for flavored e-cigarettes continues to rise, and it will not change this year either.  A ban was proposed on several flavored e-cigs, but some states reconsidered the decision. Many people thought that the flavored devices were going to be banned. But this is not going to happen any time soon. In fact, the mass hysteria only increased the popularity of flavored e-cigs. More and more people are now considering flavored e-cigs, making the demand for e-cigs increase. 


  • Smartphone-controlled devices


Every year, vaping companies try to astonish consumers by introducing something new in the market. The most recent gadgets can be controlled via Bluetooth connection. The rate at which smartphones are advancing is exceptional.  These advancements have caught up with the vaping industry. The integration between smartphones and vaporizers is a relatively new technology which is quite expensive. Nonetheless, the rate at which it is becoming popular is unprecedented. Besides, these devices are faster, provide consistent performance, and are more user-friendly.


  • The revival of 18650 Batteries


The 18650 batteries were among the most used batteries in vape devices before pods became everyone’s favorite. They are likely to resurface in the market because they have been seen in many reputable brands in 2020. The 18650 battery takes charge faster and holds it for a very long time.


  • Increased regulations


A number of unfortunate events have happened in the last few years regarding vaping devices. This has made these devices be on the watch list of many health authorities. In addition to that, there has been an outbreak of vaporizers-related infection, and that’s why in 2020 and beyond, we will see more regulations on the vaping industry than before.

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