A luxury leather jacket is a timeless wardrobe staple. As well as providing a sleek extra layer that can be teamed with an array of outfits, it travels well. This is largely because of the materials they are made from, lending them durability and versatility.

When packing for the next trip, here are some reasons to include a leather jacket in your luggage.

Travel Well

Wherever you’re heading to, it’s important to have layers ready en route. The mode of transport you take dictates a key part of your holiday attire, however the leather jacket can be worn on planes, trains and in automobiles.  

Both long-haul flights to Australia and short-haul trips within Europe can see temperatures fall once you’re on board. Air conditioning on planes are renowned for causing a clash with the flip flops-and-shorts ensemble usually worn in preparation for the journey to the hotel after you’ve landed.

Should you be taking a cruise or hopping aboard a boat, the added extra layers can make all the difference, especially as night falls over the oceans and seas. Temperatures tend to plummet very quickly out on the open water, so an extra layer of soft leather can be at once warming and comforting.  

Warming Up

Your destination of choice may also play a key role in your outerwear decision-making. While warmer climes may not be the first place you would think to wear a leather jacket, they make for a chic addition to an outfit during an evening out or can be slipped over shoulders once the sun sets.

If you’re setting off on a city break, on the other hand, the warmth offered by luxe leather is a desirable option. Enveloping oneself in soft shearling during a walk around Reykjavik or a boat ride in Bruges during the cooler months is an ideal way to stay warm.

Mix and Match

The right leather jacket goes well with an assortment of outfits. If you have travelled away for a business trip and want to look stylish while networking after a day of meetings, it can be easily teamed with a tailored trouser to tone down the formality level. Alternatively, by adding it to casual attire, you can be ready to see the sights or head out to the nearest bar.

Layering up is also a good idea. Switch a chunky jumper with a leather jacket and add a lightweight knit underneath for added warmth if you’re in a cooler country. Should you be moving between countries and climates, you can then opt to shed the extra layer and leave the jacket on.

Adding your luxury leather jacket to your travel wardrobe can add a dash of cool to proceedings. Will you be taking yours next time you jet off?  


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