Think back for a second to when you were a teenager. You can probably remember half a dozen times at least when you felt uncomfortable in the clothes that you were wearing. And it wasn’t because they were made from nylon. Rather, it was because you were worried about what other people thought about what you were wearing. You were either too skinny or too fat. And you thought of yourself in a negative light. Eventually, as you got older, you came to accept the way that you looked in clothing, but only after some serious introspection.

Clothes and style have a habit of affecting the people we are in ways that we can’t often perceive.

What People Fear Most

Expert style consultants have started to analyze what people fear most about style. In their opinion, it boils down to two central fears. The first is the fear of change. We’ve all seen those people who appear to be stuck in either the 1970s or 1980s when it comes to fashion. They dress the same as they did forty years ago, and they’ve got the hair to match. Often their fear of change comes from not knowing how a change in style might affect their lives. They imagine that they’ll end up worse off. But usually, it’s for the better. As stylist David McKnight reports, people who get makeovers tend to come out of their shells. Often a new look can give people a confidence they didn’t have before. And they become more successful in their professional and personal lives.


The other fear that people have is their fear of failure. People worry what about people will think about their sudden change of style. And, as a result, they play it safe and stick with what they’ve always known. Fear, essentially, is what keeps people trapped in the past, wearing the same poorly fitting clothing that they’ve always worn.

The Way We Dress Can Be A Game-Changer

Dressing properly isn’t just about impressing people and getting them to like you. It’s about selling yourself as a person. How you dress can affect how other people perceive you and your capabilities. And this in term can change the course of your career. Take the studies on job interviews, for instance. Studies have shown that those who wear custom tailored shirts tend to land the job more than those who dress poorly. The same applies to other areas of life, including dating and even how you’re treated in places like hotels and restaurants.

Dress Enhances Your Connection To Other People

It’s important to note that the way we dress can have a dramatic impact on our confidence and vice-versa. In fact, it could be argued that the two feed off each other. Somebody who is well dressed is likely to feel confident about themselves. And, as a result, they’ll enjoy greater confidence around others. In turn, this will lead to better outcomes. Veteran stylists, like McKnight, are always amazed at how quickly a new style can alter confidence. The change is often instant.


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