Luxury marketers continue to invest in print publishing in attracting affluent and discerning consumers. Targeting them in their homes, yachts and private jets.

While many publications move across to digital, luxury lifestyle publishers are still offering an inimitable sensory experience to their readers, where magazines remain luxurious objects in their own right. Sophisticated art direction and premium print execution perfectly fits the lifestyle of their readers and provides luxury brands a unique opportunity to present their products.

Whilst social marketing and digital communications have become an inescapable part of luxury branding, luxury lifestyle magazines are still an important part of the marketing mix, particularly in reaching the elusive high net worth consumer. Luxury Society investigated the luxury lifestyle publishing market and presents a round up of the best publishers and titles. For a complete listing of luxury lifestyle magazines, we invite you to explore the Luxury Society directory and discover further titles in your region.



Elite Traveller Magazine, United States

Per Year: 6 Issues
Circulation: 107,600
Distribution: Private Jets, First Class Lounges and Exclusive Vendors

Elite Traveler is a targeted luxury lifestyle publication, aimed at the ‘elite affluent’ or those defined as having a net worth of over $10 million. The magazine seeks to serve the ultra-rich that travel by private jet or mega-yacht and claims that readers have an average household income of $5.3 million. Over 90% of distribution is inside private jets and first class airline lounges, the remaining percentage is distributed between top hotel suites, golf and country clubs, yacht marinas and luxury car service points.

The publication focuses on the best in luxury lifestyle, the names of the best therapists at top spas or direct phone numbers for resort general managers, Elite seeks to deliver the most relevant and exclusive information regarding watches, jewellery, fashion, automotive, spirits and travel. Through a global network of over 4000 distributors, the magazine taps an audience that is constantly travelling and reaches them in a venue where they have time to read and relax.

Website: Elite Traveler
Media Kit: Download PDF


Journal International Publishers, Germany

Per Year: 4 Issues
Circulation: 61,600
Distribution: Direct Mail to Centurion Card members

Per Year: 4 Issues
Circulation: 201,100
Distribution: Direct Mail to Platinum Card members

Journal International is a publishing partner that creates and manages marketing and customer-focused magazines, for both print and online. They are responsible for the quarterly print publishing of the American Express cardmember magazines: Centurion and Departures, for Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific.

Magazines are distributed exclusively to American Express card members, Centurion members receive the magazine by invitation only and Departures is direct mailed to all Platinum members. Centurion’s readership are said to be highly educated and experienced consumers of luxury, travel and culture and, according to the magazine, on a continual quest for unique experiences. Resultantly, the magazine seeks to present the highest levels of luxury fashion and jewellery, the latest travel destinations and the most luxurious homes and cars, as well as in-depth articles on unique craftsmanship, art and superior gourmet trends. Departures covers the same categories of content, reporting on more accessible examples of luxury, for their Platinum card members.

Website: Journal International
Publication: Centurion
Publication: Departures

Wealth Collection Magazine, United Kingdom

Per Year: 2 Issues
Circulation: 41,000
Distribution: Direct Personal Mail

The Wealth Collection magazine advises readers on the most luxurious ways to enjoying their wealth. Alongside its lifestyle elements, the publication encompasses all aspects of luxurious living: from charitable giving, property and personal finance to guidelines on major purchase decisions. It is designed to offer a comprehensive guide to the risks and rewards of managing a substantial personal fortune.

Distribution is unique, in that the magazine has exclusively partnered with Deloitte, to reach a wide range of private clients and executives. The publication also targets celebrities and the top tier of the global high net worth community, distributing 10,000 copies of the publication by name and under personal cover, generating a projected readership of 41,000.

Website: Wealth Collection
Media Kit: Request

Prestige Magazines, Singapore

Per Year: 12 Issues
Circulation: City Dependent
Distribution: Paid Subscription

Prestige Magazines are luxury lifestyle magazines developed specifically for the Asian community, with localised editions for Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Thailand. Each month the magazine features articles and photography on subjects as varied as local society, business titans, international news, entertainment, fashion, travel and high-end gadgets. Targeted distribution is region specific, however the magazines are primarily available by paid subscription.

Website: Prestige Asia
Editions: Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand

Robb Report, United States

Per Year: 12 Issues
Circulation: 112, 400
Distribution: Paid Subscription

For over 30 years, Robb Report magazine has served as a definitive authority on connoisseurship for ultra-affluent consumers. Robb Report not only showcases the products and services available, from the most prestigious luxury brands around the globe, but it also provides detailed insight into a range of editorial subjects, including sports and luxury automobiles, yachts, real estate, travel, private aircraft, fashion, fine jewellery and watches, art and wine.

It’s themed editions are available through paid subscriptions and magazine retail outlets around the world, of particular notoriety are their signature ‘Best of the Best’ and ‘Ultimate Gifts’ editions, published in June and December respectively, where it’s not uncommon to find luxury products and experiences upwards of £65 million. ‘Best of the Best’ offers comprehensive reviews by Robb Report’s editorial staff and a team of seasoned contributing writers that span six primary departments over 62 separate categories.

Website: Robb Report
Media Kit: Download PDF
Editions: Collection, China, Russia, Turkey

Bespoke Magazine, Middle East

Per Year: 6 Issues
Circulation: 17,000
Distribution: Point of Sale, Direct Mail, Hotels et al

Bespoke magazine is an English language, pan-Arab, luxury lifestyle magazine, primarily targeting Middle Eastern high net worth individuals, within the region and beyond. Content is focused on subjects luxurious in nature and Arabian in tradition, including coveted destinations, opulent retail therapy and the personalities who best represent Arab values and successes.

Bespoke is circulated in regular points of sale, as well as direct mailed to a global database of VIP’s, including many of the region’s top high net worth individuals. The magazine’s visibility is further boosted via complimentary distribution at five-star hotels, airlines, VIP lounges & terminals as well as private jets and mega yachts. Finally, the magazine is also distributed at events in which Bespoke magazine is a media partner, such as the Dubai International Boat Show, regional jewellery and watch fairs as well as the Bespoke Ultimate Event.

Website: Bespoke International Magazine
Media Kit: Request

Luxury Life Magazine, Switzerland

Luxury Life
Per Year: 4 Issues
Circulation: 35,000
Distribution: Platinum Cardmembers, Hotels, Private Banks

Luxury Life is published four times a year as a German-English bilingual issue, reporting globally on luxury hotels, gourmet restaurants, watches and jewellery, premium cars and yachts, high-profile architecture, interior designs, arts and culture, fashion and exclusive sports events.

The magazine is distributed to American Express Platinum cardholders, Switzerland, and can also be found in over 300 five star hotels, VIP hotel lounges, luxury car and boat dealerships, luxury spas, premium industry events and private banks, generally within the Swiss region.

Website: Luxury Life Magazine

Noblesse Media International Publishers

Per Year: 12 Issues
Circulation: 118,000
Distribution: Paid Subscription, Targeted Placement

Per Year: 12 Issues
Circulation: 70,492
Distribution: Paid Subscription, Targeted Placement

Noblesse is a brand of leading luxury lifestyle magazines, developed specifically for the Korean and Chinese markets. Covering lifestyle, fashion and beauty, the magazines also feature culture and the arts and interviews with influential global leaders. Where the domestic magazine market was concentrating on bringing foreign magazines into Korea, Noblesse became one of the first domestic magazines to be published overseas.

Noblesse stands apart from mainstream publications by both its focus on luxury content and its unique targeted distribution system, alongside paid subscriptions, it is also distributed in VIP resort and hotel suites, private aircrafts and air lounges, major department stores, high-end clinics and premium lifestyle clubs. It is also one of the first Asian luxury lifestyle magazines to have an officially audited circulation, with a proven distribution of over 100,000 copies.

Website: Noblesse China
Website: Noblesse Korea
Media Kit: China – Request
Media Kit: Korea – Request

American Express Publishing, United States

Black Ink
Per Year: 4 Issues
Circulation: Unknown
Distribution: Invitation Only

Per Year: 7 Issues
Circulation: 1,154,500
Distribution: Platinum & Centurion Cardmembers

Alongside the international editions of Departures and Centurion, American Express Publishing develops US focused counterparts for the North American market. Departures is a global showcase for leading luxury brands, spanning every relevant luxury segment, including Travel, Fashion, Art & Design, Food, Lifestyle Sport, Shopping and Wine & Spirits.

The notorious Black Card, and by extension Black Ink, is only available by invitation to the highest echelon of American Express cardholders. Each issue focuses on a single topic, such as the worlds best restaurants or holiday destinations and seeks to explore it in a way that is relevant and beneficial to the lifestyle of the discriminating, ultra-high-net-worth individual.

Website: American Express Publishing
Website: Departures
Media Kit: Departures

Amy Hall: Latest coverage: Sur La Terre magazine


Sur la Terre Magazines, Switzerland

Per Year: 4 Issues
Circulation: 15,000 – 20,000 Per City Edition
Distribution: Luxury Hotels, Dealerships, Lounges

Sur la Terre International is a network of city-focused lifestyle magazines. The magazine is present in major European destinations such as London, Geneva, Zurich and Moscow, as well as luxury resorts such as St Tropez, Courchevel, Megeve and Cannes. The magazines feature a combination of international content created by Sur la Terre International and localised content, such as interviews, local events, shopping and leisure pages, developed by regional teams.

The quarterly and seasonal magazines aim to explore ‘the universe of rare and unique products, revolutionary and exclusive services, techniques, technologies and creations’ and are available through paid subscription, luxury hotels, luxury car showrooms, select private clubs, prominent art galleries and private airlines.

Website: Sur la Terre
Media Kit: Request
Editions: Abu Dhabi, Cannes, Corsica, Courchevel, Crans-Montana, Doha, Dubai, Genève, Gstaad,Kuala Lumpur, Manama, Megève, Monte-Carlo, Moscow, Saint-Tropez, Zurich


Blu Inc Media, Hong Kong

Per Year: 1-6 Issues
Circulation: 20,000 – 58,000 Per Edition
Distribution: Luxury Hotels, Dealerships, Lounges

Blu Inc Media develop and publish luxury magazines, to connect with Asia’s wealthy, brand-conscious, high net worth individuals, through their chosen lifestyle activities. These include polo, boating, spas, luxury automobiles and extreme sports. Most of their eight titles are released bi-monthly or quarterly, alongside an annual edition of Asia Spa Man and a bi-annual edition of JET Asia Pacific.

Their titles service Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Mainland China, Indonesia, Philippines and Taiwan, through a mix of paid subscriptions, point-of-sale and targeted distribution. JET Asia Pacific and Rolls Royce Pinnacle target particularly high net worth individuals through strategic placement in VIP air lounges, private jets and luxury car dealerships.

Website: Blu Inc Media
Media Kit: Request
Editions: Asia Pacific Boating, LP Luxury Properties, China Boating, JET Asia Pacific, Polo Asia Pacific, Action Asia, Asia Spa, Asia Spa Men, Rolls Royce Pinnacle

Niche Media Publishing, United States

Various Publications
Per Year: Various
Circulation: Private
Distribution: Invitation Only

Niche Media Holdings is the developer and publisher of highly localised luxury lifestyle magazines that mirror the sensibilities and spirits of the unique, vibrant communities to which they cater. Targeting an American, high-end, savvy readership, Niche Media captures a coast-to-coast demographic that looks to the company’s publications for the finest in fashion, travel, food, spirits, society, party coverage and more.

The distribution model is controlled by demographics and psychographics, to penetrate the wealthiest and most influential people where they live, work, and play. Niche develops more than 14 titles, over 80 issues, and delivers more than 4.5 million magazines through a network of 9,200 distribution points in the United States annually.

Website: Niche Media
Media Kit: Download PDF
Editions: Aspen Peak, Boston Common, Capitol File, Gotham, Hamptons, Los Angeles Confidential, Michigan Avenue, Ocean Drive, Philadelphia Style, Vegas

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