Are you sick of those days at the office when you’ve just had enough of everything?


Could you imagine being in a better place? Why not take a trip to paradise?

Wouldn’t you rather hang out with these guys?

There is a new service called Boatbound that is the Airbnb of yachts.

Think about all the yachts that are sitting around the harbor without anybody to ride them. Their owners are losing money on them and that’s not good. You would love to be on a yacht and with Boatbound, you can make a deal!

Imagine riding on this beauty.

You can be getting a tan like Ashley Greene and Vanessa Hudgens.

Here’s how it works:

Visit Boatbound. Pick your city.

Call up the girls.

Pop some bottles.

Call up the chef.

 Show off your sixpack.

Movin’ on up…act like a boss.

You are the life of the party…own a yacht for a day. This could be you!

Stop imagining…and visit Boatbound.

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