Wendy Diamond is a combo platter of success. She is a social entrepreneur, humanitarian, and an animal and rescue advocate, among others. Diamond has been heralded and recognized as a pioneer in the animal world and said to be the “Martha Stewart of the Milk Bone Dish” by The New Yorker, as well as being crowned the “Canine Queen” by Forbes.

Driven to help save the  12 million animals euthanized in shelters every year, Wendy founded Animal Fair Media. Wendy Diamond is also known for empowering people to follow their dreams and her idea to create a day dedicated to empowering women around the world to remind them that they are not alone and that they have the power to shine. She has created a global community of women entitled Women’s Entrepreneurship Day to become the voice of reason and strength and to unite a sisterhood among women.

This year, Women’s Entrepreneurship Day took place at the United Nations in New York City on November 19th, 2015. Discussions included critical issues effecting women and men worldwide were discussed to shed light on issues, as well as to celebrate the monumental success of female entrepreneurs, visionaries, innovators and job makers. The organization’s goal is to become a platform and voice for many that do not realize they are already paving the way; to empower women around the planet, and by bringing hope to a record 250 million girls living in poverty.

Some of the  leaders that came to support the special day were: Leona Lewis, Grammy nominated singer; British singer/songwriter Martha MacMillan, Director of the Cargill Foundation Board; and Jeanne Shaheen who is the only woman in U.S. history to be elected both a Governor and a United States Senator.

Leslie Blodgett, the creator of bareMinerals was also in attendance, as were Adena Friedman, the President of Global Capital Access, Andrea Jung,  President & CEO of Grameen America, Dr. Jen Welter, the first female coach in the NFL for the Arizona Cardinals, Raja Rajamannar,  Chief Marketing Officer of MasterCard, Craig Newmark, founder of craigslist and Alysia Reiner, actress on Netflix’s “Orange is the New Black.”

Throughout the year, WED gathers women leaders to ultimately create a think tank and expand businesses with socially good initiatives around the world.

According to the World Economic Forum Gender Gap report, the U.S. has experienced 11 percent growth over the last 40 years as a direct result of increased participation of women, which has translated into $3.5 trillion. The day filled with panels, discussions and programs were streamed to 114 countries globally, over 700 universities and colleges across the globe. This reached about 1.2 million young women, students, millennials and a powerful movement to inspire, empower, and support female entrepreneurs was created.

Using the hashtag #WomenWOW on all social media platforms to engage and activate women and men globally. The WED mission is to engage both women and men globally to help share their support for women owned businesses and causes with: Talent, Time, or Treasure. WED believes that empowering a community advances the next generation of leaders.

 said, “Meet speakers and behind scenes

“Women entrepreneurs need to support each other,” stated Diamond. “Women need to have each other’s backs, not stab each other’s backs.”

SHE Innovates founder Scharpf stated, “Sixty percent of small businesses in this country are run by women, but only three percent of venture capital is run by women. There’s a disconnect. Women are more likely to support women entrepreneurs, she said, because they see the world through a similar lens.”

VIP Reception, 2015

To learn about this amazing organization, visit http://womenseday.org/wed-awards/.

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