Back in 2013, Destination Luxury shared this photo of the most beautiful horse in the world to Facebook. The post gathered an impressive 157,000 shares, 359,000 likes, and 23,000 comments.

There has been a widespread debate on whether or not the horse has been photoshopped with users pointing out that the tail is blurry and the coat of the horse has a golden sheen.

Recently, a video was uncovered that shows the horse in action, proving that he is actually very real.

The horse is named Kambarbay, an Akhal-Teke, which is a direct descendant of the now extinct Turkoman horse of ancient times. Historians say it is the world’s oldest breed, dating back about 3,000 years and originating in Achal, Turkmenistan. These horses are known for their speed, endurance, and intelligence. Currently, there are only about 3,500 in the world, making it an extremely rare breed.


The horse’s golden fur camouflages itself in the desert. According to experts, the structure of its coat acts as a light intensifier which causes the sheen of the fur.

In China, the horse has been dubbed “the horse from heaven.”

We can see why.


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