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T’s culture issue looks at the numbers behind Jonah Peretti’s empire of cat pics and other click bait. Here, some of the highlights — presented, naturally, in the style ofBuzzFeed.

1. Viewers have spent approximately 42,972 years on BuzzFeed since it was started in 2006.

Kill Bill/Miramax

2. To date, there have been more than 22,500 articles about cats posted to the site.

3. Not to be outdone, dogs have been the subject of approximately 20,000 posts.

The most popular breeds? Pugs (1,549), corgis (1,062), bulldogs (809), boxers (727) and terriers (560).

4. BuzzFeed’s most viewed long-form article of all-time, “Why I Bought a House in Detroit for $500” by Drew Philp, has received approximately 1.5 million page views.


By comparison, the listicle “15 Things You Didn’t Know Your iPhone Could Do” received 16.2 million page views in March of this year alone.

5. The quiz “What Career Should You Actually Have?” has been shared more than 5 million times.

The Simpsons/Fox

It’s BuzzFeed’s most shared quiz of all time.

6. 75 percent of BuzzFeed’s traffic comes from social media.

Colbert Report/Comedy Central and

7. Judging by number of posts, pizza (92) was a hotter topic than Ryan Gosling (90) in 2013.

E Online

Pope Francis (133) also proved more popular than Lady Gaga (127) and Jennifer Lawrence (114).

8. The BuzzFeed video “Everything You Know About Penises Is Wrong” has been viewed more than 4 million times since it was posted to YouTube in January.

Adventure Time/Cartoon Network

It includes such factoids as “Smoking can decrease penis size by up to a centimeter.”

9. Among the words listed in the BuzzFeed Style Guide’s official list of terms are “duckface,” “bro-down,” “Kimye” and “surfbort.”

Victoria’s Secret/CBS and Perez Hilton

Also, “sideboob” and “friend zone.”

10. 36 percent of BuzzFeed’s posts have a number in their title.

2048/Gabriele Cirulli

11. Listicles with 42 items are viewed the most (104 posts for 44,582,700 views), while 4-item lists are viewed the least (4,635 posts for 75,452 shares).

Saturday Night Live/NBC

12. According to BuzzFeed’s “6 Foods You’re Eating Wrong,” you’re going about eating bananas the wrong way.

Arrested Development/Fox

Apparently you should flip them upside down and peel from the bottom (like monkeys do).

13. Last year, BuzzFeed employees consumed 5,000 gallons of coffee at the company’s N.Y.C. headquarters.


They also ate approximately 4,600 slices of pizza and drank 31,920 cans of soda.

14. BuzzFeed has 8 bureaus worldwide (in N.Y.C., L.A., D.C., S.F., Chicago, London, Sydney and São Paulo) and publishes in 4 languages: English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

15. Despite his position as founder and C.E.O., Jonah Peretti still finds time to take the odd BuzzFeed quiz.

Game of Thrones/HBO

His name in Westeros, according to the site’s “Game of Thrones” name generator, is Prince Jonahariah Baelish, Defender of the Vale.

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