Written by Lauren Weems with CampMakery.

Growing up in central Kansas, I didn’t get much of a chance to go to any concerts, let alone any of the big summer music festivals, but now that I live near San Francisco, all that is changing! Last year was my first time to really go to one, and it was everything I hoped it would be and more. As my birthday gift, my husband got us tickets to to the Bottle Rock Festival in Napa Valley and the Hardly Strictly Blue Grass Festival in San Fran. Both were unbelievably hot, the people were crazy and beautiful from all walks of life, and the music amazing. We left at the end sweaty, tired, a little hung-over, but happy!

I must confess, I enjoyed the fashion there as much as the music, if not more. I just love an excuse to embrace my inner flower child/bohemian/hippie, whatever you want to call it! This summer I’m going to go more prepared and not holding back with what I do to my hair and outfit, and as I researched ideas of what to do, here are some of my favorites I came up with:

1. Vintage Scarf and Aviators via WeHeartIt on Style Caster

2. Mermaid Hair on Vanessa Hudgens from Us Magazine

3. Hat & Fishtail Braids from Bohemian Diesel

4. Side Braid & Floral Crown from The Lane

5. & 6. Hair Chalking Supplies & DIY, both from Free People

Buy the Hair Chalking Kit here from Free People for $24

7. & 8. Faux Flower Hair Accessories, both from LF Store

9. & 10. Braided Crown with Daisies and Top Knot with Ferns, both by Hollie Lytle for Camp Makery

11. Asos Rosebud Hair Garland,$15

12. Asos Bandana Print Plaited Hair Band, $15

13. Wave-and-Braids Combo Hair DIY from Teen Vogue

14. Twisted Up-do with Missoni Head Wrap from Elle

15. Twisted Up-do with Sprigs of Eucalyptus from Raw Anthony Ader

16. Hat and Back Braid from The Color Collective

17. Yarn Braid Trio, $20 from Free People

18. Floral Hair Picks, $24 from Free People

19. Flower Suede Wrap in High Braid from Free People.

20. Flower Daisy Wrap in Low Braid from Erika.

Do you have any plans to go to music festivals this summer? Share your fashion pics with us on twitter at @DestinationLux

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