The 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada was packed with both previous and upcoming brands exhibiting their newest products. Known as the global stage for innovation, CES attracts many business leaders. Here are some of the top upcoming innovations from this year’s showcase:


26. Puffco


One of vaporizing’s innovators, Puffco¬†had released its newest product, the Puffco Peak — a new battery-powered desktop model of their vape pen designs. The Peak is the first smart rig for load-your-own concentrates and extracts. It features 4 pre-programmed heat settings that are effective with any user, no matter their experience with vapes.


25. Zmodo


Zmodo is a company that specializes in the innovation of smart devices, video surveillance technology, and intelligent cloud services. They provide devices such as home wifi cameras, wireless security kits, sPoE NVR kits, and professional IP cameras. Zmodo currently released Cloud Recording that enables users to access their camera’s past recordings anytime, anywhere.


24. Netatmo


Netatmo has just added a new way to control the smart Netatmo devices you have around your home using their new device Smart Home Bot. Users will now be able to contact the Home Bot to see who’s next to your Netatmo camera and the bot will respond with a picture.


23. Vivint


Vivint, a leader in smart home technology, recently revealed a new app called Streety, which is a smarter way to do neighborhood watch. This free app aims to create a safer, family friendly environment that connects neighbors through their home cameras.


22. Fossil Brands

CESFossil Group and its brands made a number of product announcements at CES¬†2018, with a few of their products taking home awards and nominations from the show. The Kate Spade New York Scallop touchscreen smartwatch won “Best Tech” from¬†Digital Trends¬†and was also a finalist for¬†Engadget‚Äôs¬†‚ÄúBest of CES‚Ä̬†award. ¬†Other wearables including Armani Exchange, Michael Kors, and DKNY were also present at the show.


21. Romy Paris


ROMY PARIS is a luxury skincare company based in France. They are on a quest for educating millions of people from all over the world that they no longer have to choose between using regular creams infused with unhealthy preservatives such as parabens, and the quality of their skin. The smart device comes with an app that allows you to configure and get your daily dosage of luxurious skin rejuvenating cream that your skin needs.


20. Razor


RAZOR, best known for their nostalgic scooters launched their new Turbo Jetts at CES in Las Vegas. CES is best known for bringing the best technological inventions together. The new electric-powered heel wheels, which are innovative and reach speeds up to 10mph was one of them.



19. RCA

RCA, the iconic brand and longtime symbol of American ingenuity, released a list of products at CES 2018. The main product of interest is the UHD 4K Smart RCA Roku TV. This release will highlight the company’s best work by bringing affordable, high-quality products to its customers.

18. Barclays


Barclays made their first CES appearance this year showcasing their new bPay integrated wearables from Tappy Technologies. bPay allows users to make payments for items under £30 ($41 USD) with their fashionable accessories, such as a keychain, a wristwatch or even a sticker on the back of a phone. Barclays partnership with Tappy is changing everyday items into payment sources.


17. Panasonic


This year marks Panasonic‘s 100th year anniversary, so during this year’s CES they focused on visual content to introduce the company’s future vision. Their newest electronics include OLED televisions as well as 4K and Full-HD Camcorders. They also have announced brand new products such as the HomeHawk HD, the Remote Home Monitoring System, and the Ultimate Hybrid Digital Single Lens Mirrorless Camera. Along with their new electronics, they are also creating new Alexa Integration for automobiles and¬† Android 8.0-Powered In-Vehicle Infotainment Systems.


16. Spartan


Last year, Spartan was known for developing a high-tech boxer that protects men from radiation. This year, the French start-up reveals a new product that will be better than their original. Their WaveTech uses the same technology as in space suits so that your SPARTAN boxers are naturally antibacterial.


15. Bodyfriend


This year Bodyfriend introduced a patented and previously industry-unseen massage technique called brain massage. This technique will be featured on the new Rex-L Plus massage chair. Bodyfriend’s mission is to help millions of people improve their lifestyle, live longer and successfully battle modern-day health challenges such as stress and insomnia.


14. Timeflip


Timeflip is for anyone who seeks to take control of their time and boost productivity. This company aims to use a minimalistic perspective that offers users simplicity and instant adaption.¬† At CES 2018, Timeflip debuted their super-powered time tracking gadget, which aims to do just that — this device lets you track how much time you spend on different activities just by flipping it around.


13. Seagate CES

Floyd Mayweather unveiled a VR and mobile app experience, as part of his latest business venture,¬†Mayweather Boxing + Fitness. It’s a best-in-class fitness experience modeled after the most dominant boxer of all time, Floyd Mayweather.¬†Both the VR technology and mobile app will take users through Floyd‚Äôs intense workouts, with the champ in their corner to coach them up.¬†Users can choose from multiple environments to workout in, from the gym, to the beach or the mountains.


12. Vinci


Vinci has come back to reinvent headphones again with Vinci 2.0, its second generation smart in-ear headphones for the active fitness community. Vinci 2.0 is the world’s first smart headphones to feature a built-in AI assistant that utilizes biosensing hardware and neural network learning algorithms. With just a tap or voice command, people will be able to check the weather, get directions, or order a car all through their headphones


11. Debussy


Debussy is the startup luxury audio line that pairs luxury with high-tech features, which debuted at CES 2018. It is also the first line of luxury autonomous headsets to have multiple kinds of connections to the Internet and allow constant connectivity. Unlike other headsets, Debussy’s headsets add a high-end aesthetic through the color touch screen located on one of the earphones. Audio quality is never compromised as each headphone in the Debussy line was designed with artists in mind.


10. Gamevice

Gamevice is the all-in-one entertainment mobile hub that works as a controller on iPhone X and iPhone 8. It is compatible with over 1,000 mobile games such as Minecraft and Streetfighter IV CE. By providing precision control and an ergonomic design, Gamevice allows users to achieve a new level of usability and comfort over a mobile device’s touchpad interface.

9. Peloton

The¬†Peloton¬†Tread is an innovator in total body training. Featuring a full of a variety of classes, such as walking, boot camp, and instructor-led studio, this machine will enhance the user’s treadmill experience. The Peloton Tread will give runners the feeling of having their very own private fitness studio.


8. EON


EON, the first at-home fitness is unveiling EON1, the first fitness robot for homes, hotels and private gyms. EON believes in enabling people to reach beyond their limits and overcome physical, mental and spiritual barriers. The first step will be to open up the EON programming interface so third-party trainers can develop their own programs and record content to be put on the platform’s on-demand library.


7. TouchPointCES

TouchPoint Solution, a company that creates non-invasive neuroscience wearable devices, showcased and demoed their Original and Basic models and products as well as their excited app update. This app update lets users create a Personalized Stress Profile (PSP) by taking a short quiz as well as get lifestyle tips on managing stress. This includes specific recommendations on how to use their TouchPoints. This app is free and available in both the Apple Store and Google Play.


6. Ujet

Ujet has announced their first product from their lifestyle brand, the Ujet electric scooter. Built with the modern city living in mind, this scooter has a lightweight frame, onboard computer with 3G, Bluetooth, wifi, and a synchronized app engine turn on/off and much more.


5. Kohler

Recently, Kohler announced that it will be expanding its award-winning spa at The American Club. This expansion will enhance guests’ experiences by adding 5 new treatment rooms, expanded common space, and an elevated bridal suite. Additionally, a new cafe with both indoor and outdoor seating will be constructed specifically for spa-goers.¬†The expansion and renovations further showcase the brand‚Äôs dedication to implementing a guest-focused destination.


4. Belkin


Belkin‘s latest product released is the Phyn Plus, a new smart water assistant + shut off. Phyn Plus alerts you the second a leak is detected in your home, prevents costly damage through automatic shut off, and diagnoses potential problems in your plumbing system before it’s an issue.


3. Morel Hifi

CES 2018

The Morel brand has become one of the leading home and mobile sound reproduction companies. They recently revealed their new HiFi Slim in-wall speakers. These innovative loudspeakers feature a new, ultra slim design that is easy to install.


2. Aurasens


Aurasens¬†is releasing their first product, the Voyager. This lounger is a high-tech pod made for comfort and inspired by the Japanese art of origami. It will allow users to not only listen to music but feel it. While seated in the high-tech pod, users will feel the music’s rhythmic¬†waves of vibrations tap, pulse, and tingle flow from head to toe.

This is a limited edition lounger best suited for events, airlines, clubs, hotels, workplaces, and indulgence and luxury-seeking individuals.




Being one of the leading bathroom innovators,¬†TOTO¬†released their latest products within the NEOREST and WASHLET collections. Built with TOTO‚Äôs people-first innovation, the latest products include the¬†Flotation Tub with Zero Dimension Technology¬†and the latest high-tech toilet ‚ÄďNEOREST NX 2 — and¬†the world’s first zero-gravity bathtub that allows bathers to experience total weightlessness —¬†The Flotation¬†Tub with Zero Dimension Technology.


Honorable Mention: Infiniti QX80


INFINITI has revealed the new QX80 at the 2017 Dubai International Motor Show. The 2018 QX80 stands apart with a refined and spacious cabin that features high-quality materials, a hand-crafted finish, and advanced drive-assist technologies. It will appeal to a buyer who demands space and utility and on-road 4WD performance.

The new QX80 is INFINITI’s newest opportunity and is designed to further enhance the brand’s profile. As the largest vehicle INFINITI makes, the new model expresses solidity and power with a 400-hp V-8 engine. It can tow up to 8500 pounds with seating for up to 8 passengers.

The new QX80 inherits the same unmistakable design elements that run through the brand’s full product portfolio. It’s newest features include a lane departure warning, forward emergency braking with pedestrian detection, and backup collision intervention.


Featured image courtesy of CES.

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