Summer is on the way, depending on which hemisphere you live in, and before it gets into full swing there are some details to take care of. For example, what are you going to do this summer? It is a hard question to answer as you have to strike a balance. You don’t just want to repeat what you did last year, but you also need to find something everyone will enjoy. If you fancy something different then you should hire a boat. Why? Here are four reasons that will knock your socks off!


  1. Adventure

Hiring a boat can be the start of a great adventure. Once you have the boat on the water you can take it anywhere you fancy and explore every crevice you can find. Or, if adrenaline is more your thing you can hire a boat that is set up for extreme sports, like pontoon boats. Add a wakeboard or some kite surfing equipment to the back of one of these and you can spend the summer riding waves or in the clouds.


  1. Romance

You don’t have to spend the summer with your mates. In fact, if there is a special someone in your life you would be best served spending your summer with them. There is no better way to spend a summer than lazing about, kissing and cuddling and getting to know each other better than you know yourselves. Wait, yes there is. You could do all of that on a boat. Boats are far more romantic because you can drop anchor in the middle of nowhere and do whatever takes your fancy! Whatever it is you get up to, you will be surrounded by open, clear water and a setting sun.


  1. Relaxation

If all the hassle of adventure and romance isn’t for you, you need to sit back and relax over the summer. You could do that on the couch watching television, and God knows that is a great idea every now and then. But, during the summer when the weather is good you have to exploit it. Beaches can be crowded and sand is annoying, so put the throttle down and find a stretch of water where there is no other living soul.  Once you are there, get the sun lotion and the cocktails out and sunbathe the day away. Would you still like to spend the day on the sofa?


  1. Wildlife

Animals tend to stay away from any civilisation when they can. If you are a bit of a nut for wildlife, this isn’t a good thing. However, when you have a boat it opens up a whole host of new opportunities. You can go scuba diving or snorkelling, fishing, or you can even go chumming for bigger game. Get some fermenting fish guts, head into the open ocean and you might even lure in a Great White Shark!

Summer is an amazing time of year and you don’t want to let it pass you by without a trace. Get there and enjoy it!

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