Leaving home to embark on a series of travels is an exciting time which will expose you to different cultures and different ways of life. Regardless of the reason you are travelling, be it to celebrate graduating university, the end of a life chapter, or a start to making a new life abroad, there is one rite of passage you must take, and that is packing!


I know a lot of people will shrug this off, myself included, as a mundane task that is as easy as throwing some clothes in a suitcase. That isn’t the case, excuse the pun, as when you are travelling for long periods of time home comforts and everyday luxuries are a far stretch from reality so to get you off to a head start we have put together this list of 5 must have accessories for anyone going travelling in 2020.


Solar Charger

As we become ever more reliant on our smartphones, we look to them for the answer to all our questions so keeping them powered up and ready for the next task is crucial. This everyday task can become difficult when travelling, that’s why a solar charger is a problem solver! Simply sit it in the sun, plug in your phone and rest easy knowing your battery will be fully charged with green energy.


Personalised Clothing

Having something with you from back home whilst travelling is a great way to keep you grounded and help ward off any homesickness that may arise during your travels. I like to take one of my personalised t shirts which I got from Banana Moon Clothing a while back, the memories it holds, and the new ones made with every trip makes it more special to me each time I wear it.


Filtering Water Bottle

I discovered this one after reading horror stories of people drinking what they believed to be fresh, clean water. Needless to say, wherever you are travelling a water purifying bottle is an accessory you will need to avoid any harmful bacteria that may be lurking in the fresh water sources where you visit. 


Walking Boots

Chances are during your travels you will be on your feet for prolonged periods of time, this can be a real issue for blisters and sore feet if you don’t have the appropriate footwear. Trainers are a great choice for looking stylish and being comfortable for a short period, but a sturdy pair of hiking boots will keep your feet feeling happy, dry and ready for the next step of your adventure.


First Aid Kit

Having some kind of first aid kid on hand is a handy essential no matter where you are travelling, but when travelling to warmer climates you are likely to be faced by a whole host of new insects and creepy crawlies, so a first aid kit loaded with insect repellent and bite relief will become your best friend!

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