5 Helpful Tips to Make Your Nose Slimmer

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The nose is the first facial feature people usually notice. The focal point of the face, your nose, can impact your overall look. 

But many people don’t feel completely satisfied with how their nose looks. Many want to slim it down to make it look slenderer and sharper. Thankfully, going under the knife is not the only way to achieve the desired shape. 

There are some practical exercises and hacks to make your nose appear sharper. All you need is patience and consistency to see the results. 

  1. Massage 

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Massaging is a useful technique that helps to tone and sculpt the muscles of your face. It may work incredibly well for the muscles around the nose. Although the results are not instant, you will see your nose’s shape appearing sharper and straighter over time. 

You can use a couple of drops of any good facial oil to massage your nose. Using olive oil or almond oil can also help release sinus and migraine discomfort in people. For effective results, you must:

  • Use the tip of your finger to massage the nose in a circular motion. 

  • Start from the area around the bridge and slowly go down towards the sides of the nose. 

  • Perform this massaging exercise twice for 3-5 minutes every day to achieve the desired results. 

  • Make sure to stay consistent, even if you don’t witness any results in the first few weeks. Gradually, this can help you attain the desired shape. 

  1. Rubbing Ice Cubes

Ice Cubes

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Rubbing ice cubes on both sides of your nose is a great way to make it appear smaller and slender. Do not expect results as extensive as a teenage nose job, overtime may awaken your skin and make it look regenerated. Ice also treats many other beauty and health problems in people.

Rubbing ice on the sides of the nose will reduce bloating in the specific area. You need to be very consistent with this practice for achieving the desired results. To use it, you must:

  • Take some ice cubes and wrap them in a clean cloth. 

  • Dab the ice on both sides without leaving any area. You can do it 15-20 times before taking a break. 

  • You can do this ice rubbing exercise once or twice a day to make the nose look less bloated. 

  1. Breathing Pranayama Exercise

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Yoga has immense potential for improving physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. The sheer simplicity of performing yoga has made it a popular exercise routine among many. 

People believe that yoga can bring structural changes to the facial muscles. Breathing yoga asanas involving deep inhalations and exhalations of air help clear nasal blockages to reshape fat tissues. This, in turn, can make the nose appear slimmer and straighter over time. To perform the exercise, you must:

  • Sit down in a comfortable position. Block any one of the nostrils and inhale deeply. 

  • Hold it for a while before blocking the other nostril and exhaling the air as you free the blocked nose. 

  • Repeat the process at least ten times a day. 

  • Gradually, you can take it up to 15 or 20 times a day. 

  1. Smile Exercise

Your smile is one of the most valuable assets. It helps to work your way out of stressful situations and shoo away most misunderstandings and feuds between people. 

And you will be glad to know that your smile can also help you enhance your nose shape. A simple routine of smile exercise can benefit you in the longer run. The best part about this exercise is that you can do it anywhere, even while watching TV or reading your favorite book.  

  • To do it, you need to smile wide to broaden your lips’ muscles and push the nose upwards. This exercise will stretch the muscles on both sides of the nose and eventually make them stronger. 

  • Perform this exercise for at least 5 minutes every day. You can also do it for longer if you want. 

  1. Nose Shortening Exercise

If you have a round nose and want to make it look sharper, you can try this technique. Performing it religiously can work up your nasal muscles and may help make them appear firm over time. To do it, you must:

  • Start with pressing the bottom sides of your nose. Make use of the thumb and index finger to do so.  

  • Use another hand’s index finger to push the tip of your nose in the upward direction. 

  • You can flare up the nostrils and try to breathe in the same position. If you don’t feel comfortable, take a short break, and repeat the process. 

  • Perform it at least 15-20 times every day. 

  • Remember to stay consistent and not skip the exercise for the best results. 

Bottom Line

The nose is one of the most prominent features of the face that draws maximum attention. If you are not happy with your nose’s shape or desire a more sculpted one, you can perform these simple exercises at home to secure results. Getting facial surgeries are not just expensive but also risky as they might leave a side-effect.  These all-natural exercises may not bring any drastic results but will enhance your nose’s overall appearance in the long run.  

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