Beneteau has been creating world-class yachts for the luxury travel enthusiast for over a century. Fine French craftsmanship and unparalleled styling have propelled Beneteau to become the premiere yacht manufacturer in the world. A Beneteau yacht embodies the vision of a water vessel designed to perfectly balance speed, comfort, and elegance. Seeing a Beneteau sailing on the open ocean invites the imagination to dream of venturing into uncharted waters aboard such an expertly crafted vehicle.

Southern California lends itself perfectly to the sailing lifestyle, with one of the largest manmade harbors in the world as its port. There is nothing quite like sailing the Pacific in Southern California, its unique climate conditions make it one of the most ideal places to sail in the world. It is a luxurious lifestyle filled with adventure and romance, as the winds push along a beautiful home at sea.

Naos Yacht Sales is the gateway to the Pacific, dedicating their business to sell only the best sail boats in the world. They dedicate themselves to Beneteau, it has been revered name for over a century, and one of the select few trusted to sail the vast open oceans, the world over.

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