Leading a life of abundance is the ultimate goal for so many people but unfortunately, the majority doesn’t understand what it entails. A life of abundance is not a life of excess. In fact, to enhance your lifestyle and enjoy plenty of good things, you will have to introduce some limitations and restrictions.


Limiting certain things allows you to focus on what’s important. You will be more focused, more committed and much more capable of accomplishing or getting what you truly desire.


Without further ado, here are some of the most meaningful limits that will enhance your lifestyle and give you a chance to enjoy the abundance that you desire.


Limit Your Expenditure


Chaotic and undisciplined expenditure isn’t enhancing your lifestyle. Rather, it’s making you get lost in mundane things that aren’t really contributing to better living.


Many of us base earning money, saving and spending on outdated paradigms. These could have worked for past generations but they’re not contributing to a lot nowadays.


You don’t need to limit yourself and save every single penny for some day to come. Instead, consider options for earning a higher income and reducing wastefulness. Both of these will contribute to you having more resources to dedicate to the most meaningful aspects of your life – travel, your relationship, personal growth, a favorite hobby that you’d like to turn into a business, etc.


If you focus your ideas and get rid of the noise, you will get a much clearer vision of how your current spending habits aren’t contributing to wellbeing in any way whatsoever. Sit down and carry out some honest analysis of how you’re dealing with money right now. Chances are that the results will surprise you.


Limit Interactions with the Wrong People


To lead a life of abundance, prosperity and satisfaction, you’ll need to surround yourself with similar-minded individuals.


It’s still commonly believed that having a large group of friends and acquaintances will bring happiness into your life.


This isn’t necessarily the case. People who have different goals in life aren’t aligned with your priorities. Their life philosophy is in stark contrast to yours. Hence, you can’t form a mutually-beneficial relationship.


Be conscious about the relationship choices you make. Look for love on www.doulike.com because it gives you the chance to list your priorities and to identify a person who is attempting to accomplish the same thing. Your approach towards friendships should be the same – be as selective in your casual relationships as you are in your dating life.


Limit Your Goals


How many things are you trying to accomplish at the same time?


Have you been successful so far? If the answer is negative, you may have to reconsider your goal-setting strategy.


When you try to deal with numerous things simultaneously, your mind will be scattered and your efforts will be half-hearted. Chances are that you’re not going to accomplish any of your goals to a full level of satisfaction.


Instead of dealing with many things in a mediocre way, focus on one main goal for a certain period of time – a month, a quarter, one year. The size and the scope of the goal will be determining for the required timeframe.


Laser-focus and 100 percent committed decreases the amount of time required to get where you want to be. We are thought at an early age that multi-tasking is a good thing. It isn’t. Doing too much at once can hurt you and actually derail the accomplishment of your goals.


Limit Your Work Hours


We live in a world that’s frantic in terms of professionalism and career development. Spending long hours at the office has become the new normal. Such an approach, however, isn’t conductive of productivity or abundance.


The human mind has its limits. Just because you’re dedicating tens of hours to a task does not mean you’re doing a good job at it.


Limit the amount of time you dedicate to work.


Restoring your work-life balance will make you feel happier but it can also contribute to a much better professional performance. Giving yourself enough time to “recharge your batteries” will give you the inspiration and the fresh perspective required to come up with innovative solutions for the problems that you’ve been struggling for a long time with.


Making such a mental shift isn’t easy because of our programming. Once you let go of being a workaholic, however, you will notice the freedom and the effectiveness that come with the limit.


Limit the Number of Times You Say “Yes” Per Day


If a request is not supporting your goals in life, you should learn to say no.


We are pre-programmed to be polite and to attempt handling all requests in a warm and kind manner.


Saying yes to everything, however, does not support your own happiness.


If you’re willing to accept any task or challenge that comes along, you will have much less time to pursue your primary goals in life. Successful people and those who enjoy an abundant lifestyle know that they’ll have to learn to say no and to defend what really matters to them.


Don’t be afraid of pushing back, especially when you feel that others are taking advantage. True, such an approach may reduce the relationships you currently have in your life. Which brings us back to one of the previous points – you don’t need to be surrounded by dozens of people to be spiritually and emotionally satisfied.


It’s your life and your time. Don’t waste it on somebody else’s lack of commitment, knowledge or ability to move forward. Sure, being helpful and assisting the people you value is an important part of being a member of society. You should, however, learn to distinguish reasonable requests from those based on laziness, incompetence or pure arrogance.


Limiting your urge to go to excess, your desire to be liked, to be a perfectionist and to follow old-school rules blindly will contribute to dramatic changes in your life.


Introducing all of these limits at the same time could be quite difficult and stressful at first. This is why you should go slow. Try changing your daily routine first. Focus on your goals next. Gradually, you can work on the relationships in your life and the work-life balance, as well.


With every change, you will notice a powerful shift in your mindset that will get you one step closer to the abundance mindset. Experiment with your limits and keep the changes that you like the best. You don’t have to be overly-strict but once you see the model working, you will find the inner motivation to keep changing your life.


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