Switzerland, secure in its mountain nest, became a synonym for business sense, and this is the reputation it upheld to this day. As the times change, the country adapted – a natural barrier of the Alps became a tourism hotspot, while once sleepy cities turned into market powerhouses. It is only natural that such an environment can be daunting for someone looking to find balance between luxury and accommodation.

Duplex apartment by VISIONAPARTMENTS serves as an example of how listening to modern trends can create a positive example for business travellers and tourists alike. A careful balance between the luxury of hotels and the furnishings one would expect from its own home, the key to the sharp upward trend of this formerly niche market is the willingness to listen to consumers’ needs. Nowhere is it more prominent than in Switzerland, where this balance benefits both the company and the employee that needs a true personal space. And if two or more people share a duplex, it comes with no increase in pricing, which is a great start when exploring this country.

Cities on the Lake

Stretching from Switzerland to France, Lake Geneva is one of the largest bodies of water in Western Europe. It is however mostly associated with Swiss Alps and the cities situated on its shore, Zurich, Lausanne and Montreux being among the most notable. Yachting is a popular pastime, and special vessels have been constructed solely for this purpose. There are also boating tours, and few sights are as breathtaking as gliding along the deep calm water in which the white peaks of the Alps are reflected.

The rise of the city of Geneva gave the lake its name, and its well established private banking sector ensures that this city of only 200,000 inhabitants commands a disproportionate influence on a global scale. It hosts the international headquarters of many of world’s biggest corporations. Geneva does not hide its opulence, and if you’re on a lookout for a high end timepiece, its watchmakers will prove to you that their centuries’ old reputation is well deserved. 

At the foot of the Alps you can find Montreaux, a city that fully utilizes its shoreline, offering one of the most beautiful promenades along the lake. It is a festival city, one of capitals of Jazz and many of iconic classical rock songs were conceived and recorded here. It is highly recommended to visit the nearby villages as they feature on the list of Swiss heritage sites.

A Summer in the Mountains

The Alpine slopes offer much more than just skiing opportunities. In fact, many consider that short summers emphasize their best qualities. For that reason, many globetrotters choose the mountains over the sea, and through the pristine countryside is one of world’s hidden luxuries. If you’re more adventure minded, many mountain resorts offer helicopter rides where you can catch a glimpse of never ending winter, high up the mountains.

Switzerland lives in its own world, in a place where rugged nature meets high quality urban – and rural – life. Every travel starts with a step, and knowing how to choose the best lodgings ensures a safe adventure.


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